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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Hello, I haven't done much posting lately. But now I must to salve the needs of all the people who come here to read my halfassed works. (I.E. Tim) So... I have a opinion. You better believe me. It all started when I saw a commercial for the new Angelina Jolie movie where her death is predicted. I maintain, that if a certain moment in time is predicted then, if the prediction is correct (which the premise of the movie is that it is) than any attempt you would make to avoid it would be the actual cause of the said cease of life in the long run. I read a science fiction story once in which a man, by use of forboding emotions or something of the like, came to posess the ability to predict the future. Now this man, one day, was in his office when he felt a powerful sense of impending doom. He got scared, ran outside and around the block only to be hit in the head by a bucket dropped by an overhead window washer. He died. This only goes to further my point that the premise for the "romantic comedy" is, in truth (if you actually believe that someone could predict the future in the first place) Impossible. Thank You for reading.

Monday, April 22, 2002

You know what's infuriating? All that new metal crap! I mean, that Nickelback crap, and all those guys who play auoustic guitar, and have those deep pearl jam guy like voices. It just pisses me off. I mean, they just have one or two crappy verses, repeat the chorus 50 times, and call it a song. I could pull better songs out of my ass, and I don't even play or write songs very much, I suck royally at guitar, (even though I say I play it, I don't know how very well) and all my songs suck. So, I say we boycott them. I'm sorry, but they suck too much to exist. They don't even have the guts to say they're pop, they're worse than like Nsync or some other peice of crap. It's stupid.

Saturday, April 20, 2002

You should go here too, Mini this one is always fun. Quote for right now, "Foreva? Foreva eva?" from that "I'm sorry, ms. jackson" song. It's funny, I like the puppets.

I'm trying to make a permanent link to a good search engine, but for now, I'll just leave this one on a post. Every now and then I'll put another one
Web Design Shop

Hey I don't know if this will work but check it out if it does:

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone would send me an email if you know how to put pictures and stuff like that on your site, possibly expand it. It's not that big a deal, but eventually I'll run out fo hilarious speeches and have to take comics and things from other sites, plaigarism kicks ass. Anywho, my address is, or Either one is good

If anyone saw the I'm Not Sure Yet website with my name in it, I was just showing my sister how to do it. Disregard it if you like, I think I'm going to delete it anywho.

The government hasn't gotten me shot yet, but they've come pretty close. Check this on out Oodles of Nonsense More links to come, all you out there in cyberland. Quote for right now, "Do it to it Lars!" That was Tony Perkins in the movie heavyweights, he was holding some ice on his stomach and lying on a bed of nails, and Lars smashed it with a sledgehammer.

Friday, April 19, 2002

Now that I know how to make a link I'm going to abuse my power till the government has me shot. go here Sir Bottomsly Speaks and here Moltars are you ready to rock page a and here, My Karma Is Sharp and Deadly and here, SLG Publishing

Damn it all to hell! Ok Bohica International

Hey, thanks to Christina B. who's blog is , as you can see, she told me how to make a link, and told me she owned her own pool cue. Which, if you scroll a bit, you'll see I said I don't like. So I retract that statement, being as I neglected to disclude those who play competitively, and those who contact me after reading it to tell me they do. End Transmission!

I wonder if, when a small wild boar dies, whether or not it is really a cause to burn down the entire zoo?

I believe that if someone owns their own pool cue they should be herded to canada with the rest of the people with enough time on their hands to buy their own freaking pool cue. JUST USE THE ONES PROVIDED YOU FAT ASSMONKEY!! (people with their own pool table excluded of course) Quote for right now, "Ralph I thought you were dead!" ralph replies in high comical voice, "Nope." And I think we all know that that is from the simpson's episode where they all sleep through church and dream many of the happenings in the bible. And if you didn't know that, you have more of a life than even I do, I salute you. (Salute Motion made in direction of the screen)

I'm under the impression that anyone with a dog that is smaller than a cat should automatically have to put a rainbow bumper sticker on there car. Quote for right now, "How did you get that arrow scar on your leg?" He replies, "I stepped on a sleeping cat, it bit me." that was in the book, the Reaver's Road by Dave Duncan. Lion Man (I think his name was) said it under the questioning of the main character, Omar the Aged

I can't get to my site right now. I'm going to assume that that means it's getting so much traffic that I can't access it. Yep, everyone is going here, and that'swhy I can't get to it, it's not a malfunction of some kind. Quote for right now "When did we lose our way Mel? When did we stop rooting for the guy with the flame thrower, or an acid spraying gun of some kind?" Homer, On the Simpson's talking to mel gibson, on the episode where he (homer) helped mel with his remake of the Jimmy Stewart classic "Mr. Smith goes to Washington"

It really pisses me off that the generation I live in, the one born in the 80's, have such a boring life. I mean think about it, every other generation has something, In the early 1900's it was the dawn of technological innovation, new inventions were popping up everywhere, 20's to 40's they had swing, plus the wars, which weren't a good thing, but they livened things up a bit so they'd be rememebered. In the 40'so the 60's the dawn of rock and roll was around, then the hippies and vietnam and then disco, in 1975 punk started, that lasted until it was discovered and then began it's decline, then the 80's rock and metal and stuff came around, which was also there in the late 60's and 70's but I didn't mention it, then in the 90's grunge and other things were there, computers started to be made, and our life got screwed, because all the things that were made to helps us made it boring. The only people who had it good were the people making it better, because afterwards they could enjoy it because they knew what it was like before hand, we had too much dumped on us at once, nothing new is happening except faster computers. The only thing we'll be remembered for is 9/11 so we'll be remembered for when the u.s. finally got pissed off and started taking out terrorists. Tim said, and I agree, that "the whole thing is the fault of MTV, they commercialized everything so much, that even aaron carter, (for the love of god! aaron carter!) is being classified as a 'rock star'" punk has become a style of music now, before it was an attitude or a message, now it's a thing, and Suck 180Crap (aka Blink 182) is being classified as punk, little kids wearing Blink and Sum 41 shirts can be seen where ever you go, metal isn't really being made anymore, besides some of the lingering aftereffects, thank god for them, of like Metallica, and some other bands, who are still remembering rock as it used to be, and making it. So I give the sole blame of our generations boredom and unremarkableness (for lack of a better word) on the destruction of innotvation brought on by MTV, so, in the words of my generation, and pardon my french, F*ck MTV!

ow my facebow

I'm screwing around right now with my template for this site, it's loads of fun, earloads. So I keep on posting things for the changes to take effect. Deal with it, for I am the overlord.

I'm trying to figure out how to make links to sites, If anyone out there in cyberland n\know's how to put one on a blog,email me at, thnk you. Also, I reccomend going to It's Moltar's page of how to rock, and if you scroll down you can find a link to a list of things that rock, actually you can find several. See? Instead of using a lnk you have to cut and paste, or just type the address of the site, but wouldn't it be easier with a link?

You know what sucks a whole lot? A vacuum cleaner, my vacuum cleaner's name is henry, that may sound weird to you, but It has eyes, and the nozzle is it's nose. SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD NAME YOUR FREAKING VACUUM CLEANER, YOU FREAKING BUTT MAGGOT!

Hey, I have a list of funny jokes, and they are all quite hilarious. Here goes:

1. What do you call an anorexic with a yeast infection? A: A quarter pounder with cheese!
2. Women, you can't live with them, you can't herd them all to canada.
3. What did George Washington say to his men before they got in the boat? A: Men, get in the boat.
4. What do you call a boomarang that doesn't come back? A: A stick.
5. Why do police officers wear belts? A: to keep their pants up.
6. What is Irish but never comes inside? A: Patty O'Furniture.
7. Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? Because it was dead. Why did the squirrel fall out of the tree? It was stapled to the monkey!
8. Many men smoke in China but Fu Man Chu.
9. What does the Wo stand for in "wo"men? A: Worthless.
10. Why do women have men in their title? Because their to freakin lazy to get their own syllable!

Thank you for reading these tan truly tasteless jokes, and stay tuned for more. Quote "holy strawberies batman, we sure are in a jam now!" "Stay tuned for the egg-citing ending to our egg-straordinary episode!'

I'd make a list of things that rock and one of things that suck, but then I'd be copying my buddy dave, who's adrress is "" so go there damn you! His is funnier than mine, mine isn't that good. Anywho (I'm writing anyhow like anywho on purpose to avoid the complications of explaining it to fat farts like you, assmonkeys) go there or be cylindrical, or cubular, either way is good.

Thursday, April 18, 2002


ARF! sorry, when I get excited I turn into a dog.

hey all you out there in americatown, or possibly jamaica. Or some province of america, suchas washington dc, or puerto rico, which is actually a territory, not a province. Screw everyone else in different countries, I live in america, and the rest all suck. Fiugratively speaking oh and this excludes england, it only moderately sucks. And baby america, aka canada. You don't because I want to herd all the people I don't like there. anyhow (pronounced anywho, and this is the last time I'll say it, but if you don't read it like that I'll chase you down with a stolen taxi!) hello, um... I don't really have anything to say, except my friend dave who I told you about isn't here yet and it's pissing me an tim off, because he said he was coming over here like 45min ago, even though he is walking. so get out a hea before I kick ya up a notch, BAM!

Hey home dawgs. I don't really talk like that I jsut make fun of people who do by lasping into it sometimes, fo'shizzle. Anyhow (again pronounced "anywho") I was going to make a link to my friend's site, his name is Dave, he has a pool and once dyed his hair blue and then wore red pajamas and he looked like The Flash, so I called him The Flash. But I couldn't do it because I haven't figured out how to so I'm just going to write down the adress, AND YOU WILL ALL GO THERE OR YOUR BRAINS WILL MELT IN THE PAIN YOU WILL SUFFER! It's, go there, don't be a silly bear.

Hey home dawgs. I don't really talk like that I jsut make fun of people who do by lasping into it sometimes, fo'shizzle. Anyhow (again pronounced "anywho") I was going to make a link to my friend's site, his name is Dave, he has a pool and once dyed his hair blue and then wore red pajamas and he looked like The Flash, so I called him The Flash. But I couldn't do it because I haven't figured out how to so I'm just going to write down the adress, AND YOU WILL ALL GO THERE OR YOUR BRAINS WILL MELT IN THE PAIN YOU WILL SUFFER! It's, go there, don't be a silly bear.

This is a message from the creator of this site: YOU ALL SUCK! er.. I mean, I have to relay the fact that I am normally the most hilarious person in the world. Ask anyone, really, go to your local shopping mall janitor and ask him if the john meister is the most hilarious person in the world. He won't even be able to answer you, he'll be laughing so much at my remembered antics. Anyhow (pronounced "any-who" because it sounds better) I just wanted to say YOU ALL SUCK! No! again I apologize, I meant that when I am forced to be funny it doesn't work as well, so I'm just going to write things I say during the day and if you can't figure them out then YOU SUCK! I mean you just have to think harder. Thank You my small group of friends who have this adress which I'm now calling America, good night!

Monday, April 15, 2002

smxchioxchisf890isnnsfjksfnkgjopj;au9... sorry, I was pretending my keyboard was a piano and I was Beethoven.

I wonder what would happen if suddenly my face split and I became 2 seperate entities? would I be both entities, or would I think in the form of one and hae the other be an entirely different person? Think about it.... OR I WILL RAIN DEATH ON YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL.... I'm sorry, sometimes I lapse into my angry god entity. um.... end


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