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Monday, December 30, 2002

hey hey all, I am just hanging out here now, bored outta my gourd. me and dave are going to the mall tonight, to eb. Lauren was gonna go to, but now she can't get a ride, so I weep, like a child deprived of it's security blanket. MY MOM STOLE MY BLANKET!!! when I turned 8, my mom took my blanket and hid it!! and said I could have it back when I graduated college or something. *shakes with rage* Oh it will be mine again. as long as I have spotty squishy though, I will be happy.Spotty squishy is my bear haha, guess what he looks like, just guess. I wasn't a clever child, it's not encoded in the title it's right there. if you don't get it right, I kill you!! I just realized I have no way to guess if you get it right or not, so You all pass the test. welpy, I am gonna hit the road jack, and don't I come back, no more, no more, no more, no more. Take care, all you hepcats and hep kitties, Kick it!! *crazy swing music*

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Hey hey everyone! the lockin was last night, at my church. it was boatloads of fun!! I got to hang out with my chums and watnot, it's was flippin fantastic!! the only problem is, since I was up real late the night before too, the lack of sleep has given me like amnesia, the only things I remember are, as follows, and I quote: I played devil may cry (awesome!), I lay down on the floor, I played hacky sack, and I poked lauren several times, we were having a tickling contest of sorts. that's IT, and in no particular order mind you. But that's ok! I remember enough to know it was as fun as all get out. maybe when I get some sleep it will come back to me. all I know is, I have been awake for 40 hours, or so my sleep befuddled mind is telling me.let's see, if it's 1 pm now, then 24 hours ago, it was 1 pm yesterday, and I woke up at like, 6 yesterday, soooooo ok 31 hours, I think. nonetheless, that's quite a while. But it was worth it I tell you, WORTH IT!! I am finding it terribly difficult to concentrate right now, and I have yet to try and sleep. I don't know how well it'll work, and even if I want to, because as tired as I am, if I go to sleep now, I will wake up at like 1 tonight, and not be able to go back to sleep, therein lies my dillemma, I was thinking of calling tim or something about going over his house, but I assume he is sleeping. idk about dave, I'll give him a ring in a bit as well, but I'd need a ride, curse geography!! curse it to the dirty hell it would first have to locate for us!! well, I am too confused to type more it'a getting hard to push the buttons, so I'll cya all later, ok? peace out

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Dance, till your limbs are tired, dance, till your bones fired, dance, GET YOUR HORMONES WIRED! Dance dance dance etc. that's a motorhead song. if you don't like motorhead, well to each his own taste, but your taste will send you to hell. yep it will, don't make me kick myself in the junk. JUNK!! ahem, sorry I am rather energetic because I just finished shoving garlic cloves into a giant piece of pork...mmmm, shoving garlic cloves into raw pork. nothing says "Noel!" like a hispanic christmas, let me tell you. all we need is a luminari and some illegal immigrants and we are well on our way to south of the border!! see, that wasn't a bad not politically correct thing to say, I can say it, cause I have that heritage. HA!! let's see you make a joke about your own heritage, YOU CAN'T DO IT!! sissies. anywho..tim is here, I have to get him a present, but I didn't get it yet, SHH!! he doesn't know about it yet, he isn't reading over my shoulder or anything. the irony lies in the fact that he really is. that's ok, I don't mind his blatant abuse of my monitor's screen... welp I am off, cya all later

hey hey all! It is christmas eve! and you know what that means!! I am still bored outta my gourd and now everyone else has other things to do because it's PRECIOUS christmas eve!! happy day!! I wish you all a merry christmas, happy chanukah, quazy quanza, a tip top tet, and a solemn dignified ramadan. I have used that joke at least, *counts* 8 BILLION TIMES!! in the past two days, and I'm not stopping now!! mwahahaha...yeah. anywho, you guys all rock the house, I just wanted to say that on this, the anniversary of my site being born, give or take a few months. ok my mumsie needs the phone, I just wanted to wish you all happy holidays, and again, if you are reading this, I love you. Once again, this is NAME AND ADDRESS EXPLICATED saying, goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Monday, December 23, 2002

hey hey there, I got kinda bored today and decided to post the lyrics of Thick as a Brick, by jethro tull, it is 42 minutes long, I have it on vinyl you see, it takes up both sides, I think this is all of it but the site I got it from was confusing

Thick As A Brick

"Really don't mind if you sit this one out.
My words but a whisper - your deafness a SHOUT.
I may make you feel but I can't make you think.
Your sperm's in the gutter - your love's in the sink.
So you ride yourselves over the fields and
you make all your animal deals and
your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick.
And the sand-castle virtues are all swept away in
the tidal destruction
the moral melee.
The elastic retreat rings the close of play as the last wave uncovers
the newfangled way.
But your new shoes are worn at the heels and
your suntan does rapidly peel and
your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick.
And the love that I feel is so far away:
I'm a bad dream that I just had today - and you
shake your head and
say it's a shame.

Spin me back down the years and the days of my youth.
Draw the lace and black curtains and shut out the whole truth.
Spin me down the long ages: let them sing the song.

See there! A son is born - and we pronounce him fit to fight.
There are black-heads on his shoulders, and he pees himself in the night.
make a man of him
put him to trade
teach him
to play Monopoly and
to sing in the rain.

The Poet and the painter casting shadows on the water
as the sun plays on the infantry returning from the sea.
The do-er and the thinker: no allowance for the other
as the failing light illuminates the mercenary's creed.
The home fire burning: the kettle almost boiling
but the master of the house is far away.
The horses stamping - their warm breath clouding
in the sharp and frosty morning of the day.
And the poet lifts his pen while the soldier sheaths his sword.

And the youngest of the family is moving with authority.
Building castles by the sea, he dares the tardy tide to wash them all aside.

The cattle quietly grazing at the grass down by the river
where the swelling mountain water moves onward to the sea:
the builder of the castles renews the age-old purpose
and contemplates the milking girl whose offer is his need.
The young men of the household have
all gone into service and
are not to be expected for a year.
The innocent young master - thoughts moving ever faster
has formed the plan to change the man he seems.
And the poet sheaths his pen while the soldier lifts his sword.

And the oldest of the family is moving with authority.
Coming from across the sea, he challenges the son who puts him to the run.

What do you do when
the old man's gone - do you want to be him? And
your real self sings the song.
Do you want to free him?
No one to help you get up steam
and the whirlpool turns you `way off-beam.

I've come down from the upper class to mend your rotten ways.
My father was a man-of-power whom everyone obeyed.
So come on all you criminals!
I've got to put you straight just like I did with my old man
twenty years too late.
Your bread and water's going cold.
Your hair is too short and neat.
I'll judge you all and make damn sure that no-one judges me.

You curl your toes in fun as you smile at everyone - you meet the stares.
You're unaware that your doings aren't done.
And you laugh most ruthlessly as you tell us what not to be.
But how are we supposed to see where we should run?
I see you shuffle in the courtroom with
your rings upon your fingers and
your downy little sidies and
your silver-buckle shoes.
Playing at the hard case, you follow the example of the comic-paper idol
who lets you bend the rules.

Come on ye childhood heroes!
Won't you rise up from the pages of your comic-books
your super crooks
and show us all the way.
Well! Make your will and testament. Won't you?
Join your local government.
We'll have Superman for president
let Robin save the day.

You put your bet on number one and it comes up every time.
The other kids have all backed down and they put you first in line.
And so you finally ask yourself just how big you are
and take your place in a wiser world of bigger motor cars.
And you wonder who to call on.

So! Where the hell was Biggles when you needed him last Saturday?
And where were all the sportsmen who always pulled you though?
They're all resting down in Cornwall
writing up their memoirs for a paper-back edition
of the Boy Scout Manual.

See there! A man born - and we pronounce him fit for peace.
There's a load lifted from his shoulders with the discovery of his disease.
take the child from him
put it to the test
teach it
to be a wise man
how to fool the rest.

We will be geared to the average rather than the exceptional
God is an overwhelming responsibility
we walked through the maternity ward and saw 218 babies wearing nylons
cats are on the upgrade
upgrade? Hipgrave. Oh, Mac.

In the clear white circles of morning wonder,
I take my place with the lord of the hills.
And the blue-eyed soldiers stand slightly discoloured (in neat little rows)
sporting canvas frills.
With their jock-straps pinching, they slouch to attention,
while queueing for sarnies at the office canteen.
Saying -- how's your granny and
good old Ernie: he coughed up a tenner on a premium bond win.

The legends (worded in the ancient tribal hymn) lie cradled
in the seagull's call.
And all the promises they made are ground beneath the sadist's fall.
The poet and the wise man stand behind the gun,
and signal for the crack of dawn.
Light the sun.

Do you believe in the day? Do you?
Believe in the day! The Dawn Creation of the Kings has begun.
Soft Venus (lonely maiden) brings the ageless one.
Do you believe in the day?
The fading hero has returned to the night - and fully pregnant with the day,
wise men endorse the poet's sight.
Do you believe in the day? Do you? Believe in the day!

Let me tell you the tales of your life of
your love and the cut of the knife
the tireless oppression
the wisdom instilled
the desire to kill or be killed.
Let me sing of the losers who lie in the street as the last bus goes by.
The pavements ar empty: the gutters run red - while the fool
toasts his god in the sky.

So come all ye young men who are building castles!
Kindly state the time of the year and join your voices in a hellish chorus.
Mark the precise nature of your fear.
Let me help you pick up your dead as the sins of the father are fed
the blood of the fools and
the thoughts of the wise and
from the pan under your bed.
Let me make you a present of song as
the wise man breaks wind and is gone while
the fool with the hour-glass is cooking his goose and
the nursery rhyme winds along.

So! Come all ye young men who are building castles!
Kindly state the time of the year and join your voices in a hellish chorus.
Mark the precise nature of your fear.
See! The summer lightning casts its bolts upon you
and the hour of judgement draweth near.
Would you be
the fool stood in his suit of armour or
the wiser man who rushes clear.
So! Come on ye childhood heroes!
Won't your rise up from the pages of your comic-books
your super-crooks and
show us all the way.
Well! Make your will and testament.
Won't you? Join your local government.
We'll have Superman for president
let Robin save the day.
So! Where the hell was Biggles when you needed him last Saturday?
And where were all the sportsmen who always pulled you through?
They're all resting down in Cornwall - writing up their memoirs
for a paper-back edition of the Boy Scout Manual.

So you ride yourselves over the fields and
you make all your animal deals and
your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick."

and there you have it, 42 minutes of classical/acoustic theological glory. ok then, I'll see you all on the flipside. This is NAME AND ADDRESS EXPLICATED saying, goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Hey hey everyone, I am shnizzity-home from church, which wasn't as fun as usual (that's right, it's fun usually *rolls eyes*) because I didn't get any coffee til like 20 minutes ago, and it's 1:45 now. also, dave gave me a best of jethro tull album for christmas, so I was in church with that, which is kinda funny because the frontman and main writer for jethro tull, ian anderson, is anti-christian. and so are many of his songs. it's not so much funny as it is...existent. I hope my mom or dad got me a reciever for my turntable for christmas, because I am craving to listen to my records and I can't!! CAN'T!!! but if not, my grandma sent me money, so depending on how much I get, or whether or not I can find a job in the christmas employment jump, then I will get a reciever, BUT if I don't get final fantasy 7 from my parents, I'll have to buy that first, then try and find a reciever. and that is my plan. good plan eh? anywho... I'm totally content right now. No lie, I have no problems at all, even thinking of theology can't rile me up. I am just saying this because it is a rare time when it happens, I should try drawing, because most of the time I am pissed and draw gory things haha, or I am sad and draw depressed things, or I am in my normal manical state and I do wierd things like levitating siestas and mullet boy goat. so I wonder if I would just draw tranquil sunsets or something? hm...either way I feel uninspired. so it's a no go. I'm starting to get cracking on sketches and watnot for a full blown comic. my goal in life is to be a cartoonist now, don't tread on my dreams!! DON'T!! oh look what you did, you treaded right on them, tread all over my dreams, now I have to get new ones. yeah... anywho, I g2g y'all, peace out

Friday, December 20, 2002

12 days of freedom!!!!!! SCORE!! *pointy dance* to the extreme!! Man ALIVE I am glad to be out of that hole of a school. anywhoo...I'm really tired, I was up late last night trying to sleep. that always keeps me up haha. then my dad woke me up this morning at six o clock and we had a yelling fight from two different rooms about how he wasn't going to let me stay home. I am SO ecstatic that there is no more early waking up. yeah well I don't have much to say besides happy holidays everyone. oh yeah, and with my dad's waking up he said, "The whole world thinks one way and you think another." and that made me angry for some reason. So I have decided, once again, that I am going to dedicate my life to leaving earth. because I still think our society isn't fun. ok that's all, good bye everyone!

Saturday, December 14, 2002

by the way, happy shnizzity birthday dave!! Dave is 16 now, you know what that means!! he has lived 16 periods of 365 days!! and if we add in the leap year days, uh......whats that four more days? so he has lived....don't tell me I got it....4945 days! because it is the day after his birthday. I think anyway. What an accomplishment!! He should get the noble prize, I was actually beginning to lose hope when he hit 12, but he pulled through in the end. good job sir, you are an inspiration to us all *salutes*. Have a happy birthday!!!! have it!! *shakes fist* oh wait, it already happened...well have another happy one next year haha. or else!! *shakes fist* Ok everyone, I love you all I must say, if you are reading this, I love you, in a plutonic way of course, mostly *wink* JOHN OUT!

hey hey everyone, It's friendly neighborhood me, and I have a secret to reveal. I am in actuality batman. I know this comes as a shock, it is more so to me than to anyone else. nonetheless, the truth must be told. Now then, riddle me this *bada chish* if you have a bushel of cranberries, and a sheckel of something measured in sheckels, and youput them together, do you get a shushel? that would be funny if shushel was a thing, but it's not. It just reminds me of being in church and having people shush me. yep...oh so I drew a dragon I liked today! I'm gonna make a comic with it right away, I think any comic with dragons in it is bound to be awesome. I have no idea what the story line will be though. essentially I took my inspiration for this dragon from a snake on daves guitar. it's the coolest snake ever, I was trying to draw that, but I couldn't so I did the best one I could, then I gave up and tried to draw a dragon, then I put them together, and loved it. it's positively spiffariffacle. anywho, my mom is home, the reports show there is nothing left bad, she had her surgery and it fixed everything in and in 6 weeks she'll be better than new. I can't wait. I was so happy when she came home, I never realized how little kid like I am, but I missed my mumsie dammit! that and the fact that when she left the house just went "POOF!" and everything just fell into dissarray in like ten seconds. and when she came back the first thing she did was make me clean the living room haha. which wasn't hard, and I said, "It's great to have you back mom." and rolled my eyes cause she made me clean, and she laughed and it made her stitches hurt so I felt bad. and from then on I had to avoid making jokes. good story eh? so I went to daves little shindig last night, that was bundles of fun. I'm going to dictate that night...NOW!

Go to pick up taylor after much debate about directions with jackie
go to daves house
introduce taylor
rob comes to daves
we all play hacky sack
we are attacked by vagabonds, but then a rougue sherrif from a county ruled by crime, his only hope; the gun on his hip, saves us
lauren shot me
after four years of recuperating from my terrible wounds I found myself chained to the floor
my leg became emaciated, so joe ate cat sick to let me out
the cat sick being eaten cause mighty zeus to take pity on my plight and save me
....then we all danced
I discovered the real meaning of, "Don't eat that!"
rob fell in a well
kelly fell in a well
they weren't feeling very....WELL!! hahahahahaha
too bad they didn't actually fall in a well that woulda been funny
no it wouldn't
don't make me kill you
listen everyone, we are just words that some geeky jackass is typing right now because all his friends are out with their "social lives"
fine, we'll just walk in the MUD!!
utilizing daves notorious love of eskimos, we pull rob and kelly out of the respective wells
lauren pulled a chainsaw on us, so we bite her leg off
turns out it was a fake chainsaw, so the leg was regurgitated and attached back on as best as possible
everyone left
dave and joe and me stayed
they got the beds, so I slept on the floor
all in all, it was a good night, then we ate cake

DRAMATIZATION: May not have happened

See, now if you couldn't go for some reason, you have the downlow on the uphigh. you see, I don't have a very good memory, so this narration may not have been up to par with oh say....NARRATION HOOPDANGERS MAGAZINE!!!!! Not that I like to hold a grudge, but curse narration hoopdangers magazine!! CURSE IT!!!!!!! it killed my soul and stomped it in to tiny itty bitty, teeny weeny, EXTREMELY LARGE, pieces. ok well, I am out I guess, you guys all rock the house, good night!

Friday, December 06, 2002

hey everyone, I am home from school right now for the second day in a row. I got real sick on...wednesday night? and got to stay home yesterday and I ws still feeling bad today so I got to stay home today too. Of course, the reason I was still feeling bad today was cause I had no coffee yesterday and I feel almost 100% now that I have. Oh well, nobody is here right now besides me and my landlord who is renovating our apartment to a certain extent. Which means, at about 10 I am gonna call tim's house, and see if he can come over. Either that, or I am gonna fall asleep on my couch playing Vagrant Story, which is a new game Joe lent me, essentially, it's an rpg but with slight real time fighting technique, in laymen's terms, it's bitchrod. it's got good graphics too, but I died a little bit ago fighting this evil undead skeleton armor ghost thing, so I gave up on it for a while.I want to sketch a bit, but I haven't started yet, I'm feeling rather inspired, but...I'm also feeling lazy. yeah, I got these cool paints though, I might try to paint something, I'll fill you in *bada chish* on that later. See I would use the paints to fill in the drawings...therein lies the joke...yeah. well anywho, my mom and my dad are at the hospital right now, my mom is getting tested for her upcoming surgery, and my dad is with her. My mom has a very mild form of cancer, it's really small though, so no big worries. she is getting surgery next tuesday I think and that will clear it all up, all though she'll be recuperating for about a month. It occured to me just now that we have always had someone sick or injured on christmas, me with a broken arm, my dad with lymphoma last year, lena with pnuemonia once, my mom with this..etc. So, in honor of this, our 15th injured christmas, I am going to dance...*is dancing* with that said, *finishes dancing*, (and by the way I wish you all happy holidays) I am going to describe my illness to you, here goes: I was feeling rather sick on wednesday night, enough that going anywhere would rather be a fright, I took a drink of chocolate milk, out of my dunkin's cup, and then at about 10:30, I went and done threw up! so I came out of my room, and washed my gooky face, and then fell asleep on the couch, for my room wasn't a good place- to sleep that is, cause of the puke, and when I woke up the next morning, I had a headache and felt microwaved, that's the end of the story.
Boy I love rhymes, rhymes that rhyme with limes. good thing it's not a crime! *bada chish* ahem..yes, well anyway, nobody is online right now on account of it being a school day, but that's ok, we can still party!! *parties* yeah well now I am done partying. parteing, partyng, parting, partying, I think that ones is right, partying...whatever. Did you ever notice how like the simplest words are confusing, like "work" that doesn't sound like a word to me, "work" just say it a few times and it sound fake, or "pants" "pants" "paaaants" I think these words reflect our languages anglo-saxxon heritage. Originally English was spoken by German tribes, (the anglo saxxons) and they had no set rules for the grammer you see, so although all was english (anglo-ish, anglish, english, see it makes sense) the dialect differed so much from tribe to tribe cause of the lack of grammer rules that it was almost seperate languages for each tribe. the "grammatical rules" for english, were actually created centuries after the language was originated, just to make long-range communication easier, so when your teacher says, "That's not grammatically correct." you can just say, "Hey!! My tribe just says it different, asshole!" and they won't be able to refute it once you explain, if your really want to mix things up you can say the prior comment in a wierd dialect that the can't understand, as long as you keep it the same everytime you say it, it works. wasn't that enlightening? Also, if you put ice cream in jello mix as opposed to water, you can make yourself a delicious after dinner treat! Anywho, I wish people would come on right now, but they are all at school. *cough* FASCISTS!! *cough* I just remembered my sister has a webcam thing, so if I take pictures of my drawing with that, and get the resolution right, and put the word bubbles in from the comp, (cause my handwriting is terrible) then I can get some comics finished and posted on geocities. OH HAPPY DAY!! of course I won't try doing this for like a thousand years because I am a lazy son of a monkeys uncle, and when I do do it I won't get it to work right so I will become infuriated and be forced to destroy something in my rage. and such rage it will be! *narrows eyes* I need a job everyone, if anyone can get me a job, please do so, even if just for a few weeks, I need money for christmas presents. haha, yeah it's true. also I need art supplies, and a ps2, and a new comp. but I would need a long term job for those. that's all I really need. when I attain adulthood, if I own a ps2 (actually ps3 or 4 by that time hopefully) a good comp for the time, and enough art supplies to do what I want with it, I will be happy. well I am gonna go now, to call tim, or play vagrant story, or Eat hot lead perpetrator!! that was a threat, like I was a shoot's people rogue cop, and you were a perpetrator and I was shooting at you. ok well farewell everyone

quote: "Can I have some money?"
"here's 13 cents, don't spend it all in one place."


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