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Monday, April 28, 2003

'allo everyone, just got back from the dentist, it was just a cleaning and checkup and such. turns out I have no more cavaties or anything, so I don't have to go back for six months, hurrah! you wanna know what my actual problem is as of now? I'm brushing too hard and pushing back my gumline. that's my big thing, I have to brush lighter. that's like ending a six year war war and then having to exterminate termites from a house. I was thinking, as I was walking to the dentist, about france, and the whole "war" and whatever. and after a coupla minutes, I began to focus, not on the "war", but on how people are now trying to boycott france and stuff, mind you, there isn't many who are, but I have seen my fair share. this came into my head cause I am reading a french book, "Maldoror" by the Comte De Leautremont. I reccomend it to any who like freaky scary books, the main character is INSANE, but genius, a nice combination, the first installment, or chapter, if you will, is telling how he thinks the best way to drink blood is to grow your fingernails for two weeks, and then kidnap a small boy, blindfold him, and dig your fingernails into his chest and drink the mixture of his blood and tears. THEN, go out of the room, then come back in and take his blindfold off, and pretend to want to help him for a minute, then start drinking his blood again. Apparently, this is a way to redeem the boy's sins, and the torment, HE is putting YOU through, is a way to purge your soul as well. yeah it's freaky, he goes into a lot more depth than that, so at like, 3 in the morning it almost seems a competent philosophy. anywho back to the subject at hand, I was thinking it was rather hypocritical of america to think poorly of france when it didn't want to go to war, I don't know the full extent of it, but think, first of all, nobody wants to be on the bad side of terrorists, let alone the bad side of terrorists who may have nukes, america already is so there is nothing further to worry about. that's one, for another, france may have just been thinking in the best interests of it's people, war is bad, we all know it. AND think about it, I didn't have any say as to whether or not we went to war, did you? you can not join the military, but that's about it, it was our government's decision, do you think all the people in france wanted to avoid war and such? there had to have been at least one person who thought otherwise, why should we harm the innocent civilians in foriegn countries by harming their economy? it's the downtrodden who will suffer for it, the government who actually made the decision will just tax them more. I don't know, it all just seems to be backpaddling to me. enough on that subject, it's dead and tired after all it's use over the past months. I was thinking in the dentist today about cloning, I'm thinking, the first thing that should be cloned on a human, is not the heart, or anything, that's too complicated for a first try, it should be teeth! I mean, bone mass should be the easiest thing to clone anyway, because we can get growing samples of it to copy from anyone under 18, all we gotta do is perfect a strain of the growing bone mass dna, and inject it into someone, and Wha-la! new teeth, it'd be a lot easier, then I was thinking maybe, if we could do that, we could just have a full body replacement, like every coupla years, so people would live till like, 500 and have no illnesses until they died, THEN where would dentists and doctors go, you ask? Here's where! the government! yes, if cloning were perfected, we would need experts in every field of anatomy to narrow down the necassery details to make good clones, or specialized ones! like really small, fast people, with black hair and paper white skin, so that they are used to the dark, with excessively large pupils so they can see in the dark, with an idetic memory so that they can copy EVERYTHING they see, they would be the ultimate spies, give them octopus like suction cups on there wrists and feet, maybe a monkey's prehensile tail, claws like a tiger, sharklike teeth, they could just climb around and assasinate those directly in their way, then read through whatever they'd need to copy, and remember it perfectly, then get out again, and repeat or, draw, precisely what the thing was. I don't know, maybe that's what anti-clone people are afraid of, I think it'd be cool though. haha, maybe I'll write a story about that. ah well, cyall later!

Saturday, April 26, 2003

hey everyone, I was talking to lauren and I said "*sigh* you didn't update your blog AGAIN" and then she pointed out that I haven't since easter, so instead of being hypocritical, I am now updating. you have lauren to thank. welp, news lately, uh it's vacation, although almost over, and on vacation I got to see lauren a total of TWICE. I was gonna see her today but then her parents I guess thought differently, ah well. me and her and dave and leah went to the movies and saw "Anger Management" on wednesday, it wasn't great, leah and lauren thought twas, dave positively hated it. I think if anger management was a country, dave would have declared war on it, or at least discriminated against it's citizens. then afterwards, lauren and leah got picked up and went to leahs house for the night (later joined by erin) and me and dave went to eb, like usual, and dave bought a GAMECUBE, now, up till now I have been surprisely unacquainted with the prior mentioned cube, but it is fant-ast-ic, seriously, the controller is awesome, and it's so compact, the game discs, they have like a one inch radius! and we rented zelda:the wind waker, AND dave went to a show last night, and left it all here! BOOYEAH! then, over the course of the days, taylor ryan and joe came over, the night before last, taylor slept over, and I was up till 5:30 in the morning, he didn't sleep at ALL. I guess get two insomniacs together and it mulitplies a bit, eh? and yesterday I saw a movie with tim and kelly, "Phone Booth" it was much, much better than expected, quite enjoyable, I reccomend it, and after that spent the remainder of my money on a new game, well it's old, but new to me, "Orphen: Scion of Sorcery" it's pretty cool, the fighting system is hard to get used to, but I dont know if I like it yet. welp I'm out, cya'll later

Sunday, April 20, 2003

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey! how is everyone tonight? who here is from boise? allright! welp, I've got a big family dinner in about half an hour. the amount of people in our "family" grew so large that we have to use the church to eat, we take up the whole sanctuary. In case you don't know, that's a very large space. so I get to eat mass amounts of scorched animal and baked wheat, and LOVE IT! seriously, it was cooler at my cousins house, but it's still always fun when my family get's together like this, me and dan just kinda sit around and do nothing, I rented "Splinter Cell" though, so maybe it'll be a little more eventful this time. G'bye everybody!

Friday, April 18, 2003

hey hey, so I am at erins house right now. but she isn't, her mom and grandma are though. lauren told me to come here but my dad had to leave early to do it. So nobody is here but me and her mom and grandma. part-ay. prom was last night, it was awesome! I got to see lauren in her dress and such, she was gorgeous. yes, it all went nicely for me. I don't know about everyone else though, *sigh* It all seemed to go over well in the end, so no worries. welp, I'm done updating, g'bye.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

hey everyone. My phone line was down yesterday, a real pain, but it's back up now! Rob is over, we are just hanging out waiting to go to youth group. prom is TOMORROW. Ho-ly-crap. I have soiled my knickers over it, I truly have. well not truly, but figuratively! In any case, I came on now in hopes of talking to lauren, or ben about going to youth group to, see lauren. oh yeah, I finally got dave a visitors pass, but it's for tomorrow haha, I don't know how well it'll work out I'm gonna call him later. Dave if you read this before thursday give me a ring. I'm gonna go now, fare thee well.

Friday, April 11, 2003

hey hey all, I've spent the last twenty minutes here comparing my most recent dentist appointment to the boxer rebellion. I won't tell you how I decided they were similiar, I'm gonna try and make a comic out of it though. Imagine a 50 or 60 year old dentist in one of those crazy ninja get-ups silently stalking and attacking samaurais in a giant mouth till he get's to a tooth and yells, "Die you bad euphamism for 18th century imperialism, DIE!!" and proceeds to chop the tooth up and replaces the offending chopped part with a clever lookalike, that is more functional, then sneakily stalks his way out. yeah, I thought it was funny, and I shall make a comic out of it. it'll take a while though. Farewell everyone!

Thursday, April 10, 2003

hey hey everybody, I'm not going to school tomorrow! and guess what else? if all goes as...tentatively thought of by lauren, I may even go visit NTCS! Because my parents are doing judging for the science fair there, so I might hitch along if my dentist appointment would fit with it. I don't know if it will though. ah well, I got nothing else to say. Byedilly Boedilly...guys.

I refuse to form an opinion! I know why now too! here goes: No matter what a thing is, no matter how exactly it happened, the information is going to be warped by how you found it out. If someone is arguing against something, they aren't going to wiegh all the good points against the bad, they are going to get the automatic idea that it's bad, and then look for reasons why so they can shoot down people who think it's good. I don't know, I had it all set in my head before. But I mean, ok, take war, not any specific war just war in general. I, personally, am somewhere in between anti and pro war, leaning more towards anti. but say someone who was totally anti war, enough set in there opinion to say that we shouldn't have fought germany in WWII, was talking to some crazy old general McShootEverybody about which was better, they aren't going to get anywhere, both of those people's opinions would come from A: The first source they got it from, not giving the pros and cons of both sides. OR B:Someone was always the opposite way, and to be different, conciously or subconciously, they have formed an opinion differently. once that opinion is in their heads, they are automatically going to be biased. Open-minded maybe, but always slightly biased, I don't care who you are, you are biased. So, based on that, but explained alot better and more coherently, I say I refuse to adopt any characterizing opinions about anything that isn't just..taste. on that note, I must away! farewell!

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

hey, observe my glory. DO IT! thank you. Now to move on, rob is over right now, to specify, rob-NAME AND ADDRESS EXPLICATED. I'm sure that helped you all out. we are waiting to go to youth group tonight, so jessie won't explode. *sigh* I can't think of anything good to say, lauren made me do it. Welp, I'm sure this is enough to count as updating, I have crazy mcas long composition tomorrow and am saving my inspiration for that. fare thee well!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

isn't it wierd how things work out, I mean, all the people I know, I met in wierd ways. Nobody just occured, I didn't say, "Hi." to anyone out of the blue, no beautiful friendships came out of nowhere, I either knew my friends since birth, or was introduced to them through someone who I have known since birth. well, not entirely true, I have some friends from school, namely, the kids who were in my 3rd grade class, and rob. and! Taylor I met on my own, but other than that, I didn't meet anyone by myself, man I'm lazy. ah well, given all the current situations, it makes me wonder if anything is worth the consequences. I mean, I love all my friends, and I love being around all of them, but with every single one there is that occasional conflict, and that's the worst, that your loved one is somehow, offended, by YOU, that you have caused grief in someone you hold so dear, I can't stand it. Then again, the times when everything clicks, those are the greatest times. So maybe petty sparks and stuff make things hard sometimes, the times when they don't, that's what life is for. I love you all, I'm out.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

I think everybody should stop thinking about things too much, the world would be a much better place if we could just hang out, take things in stride, and do what NEEDED to be done. that's all I got, but seriously, if everyone could just do what was necassery, and other than that just what they wanted, and just...lived, instead of going through the bull that we all put ourselves through, I think we could have world peace. that's all I got, toodle-oo

well, I went to the rockpile yesterday, which is closing down :^( BUT! it means they are having a mega-sale, so I got this grateful dead-Europe '72 thing, which is AWESOME! simpy fantastic. welp, idk what I am doing today, methinks joe is coming over but if he is he is taking a long time about it. ah well, I can't doing anything Lauren-wise because she is stupid grounded *sigh* but hey, it's chirotown. cyall later.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

'allo, I'm updating. Look at me go, it's a party. TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! wow, this week went by surprisingly fast for one I predicted to be so slow. I think it was that I thought it was gonna be reeeeeeeeeeaaally slow, when it turned out only to be what would, under normal circumstances, be quite slow, but due to my expectations, pretty fast. that was far to much explanation. anywho, i've been making alot of comics lately. Just sitting on my couch and drawing them on some printer paper. they aren't GREAT quality but they are acceptable to me. although I could do better, I lack the equipment needed to fully refine them. I lack only my T-square. because I don't know where I left it, as soon as I find it, I am all set. anywho, I'm out of things to talk about. I have to go through a whole weekend of No-Lauren-Ness. I think I may make it, but there's a chance I won't. eh, oh well I gotta find out what's up with everybody tomorrow. I got some mcas crap next week too, dammit. ah well, I have my favorite block day tomorrow in school, AND my biology teacher will be out, so I have absolutely nothing wrong tomorrow. hurrah! then I guess I'll probably go to dave's house, or have joe over, or have joe and I go to daves house, or have joe AND dave over, or go to tim's, or....start a revolution against our capitalist government, and establish a crazy psuedo-anarchist socially progressive holy empire known as "Funksicity". yeah I have one of the "nation state" counrty thingies...if you don't know them go to Nation and sign up, you can start a country, and make it have whatever government you want. Mines and anarchist Holy empire ruled by crime. it's awesome, my animal is the red hoopdanger, and my currency is the funk-rupee. anywho, I'm gonna go take a shower, then back to upload some comics. seeya later everybody!


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