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Thursday, October 31, 2002

hello hello everyone. Everybody is out doing stuff but I am not, so I have no one to talk to online here, it's very saddening. I love it when PEOPLE INVITE ME PLACES!! yeah that's right, I blame you for my nonsocializing activities. I guess it's back to the ooooool' hit list, anyone who is reading this is automatically put on my cyber hit list, and my computer will try to kill you in any way it can, unfortunately the only way it works is if you get really scared from reading this and have a heart attack. BOO! did it work? well whichever way the moon faces on the dark explosion delicious crumbcakes, I am still really bored. so bored that my analogies are all screwed up as much as a flea on a cougars ear that was cold in the winter heat. I don't really like halloween I must say, it always ends up with me all by myself in my house bored out of my gourd, and then the next day everyone has cool stories and I have, "I saw three Seinfeld episodes in one night." so I am just gonna type until I have to go to karate, and then I am gonna be really tired and die, and then I am gonna come home to the sweet cold embrace of my grave once more. Oh by the way, I have a funny story, it's not so much funny as it is destructive to mormons and warlocks. All the wiccan people at my school (mostly girls) all decided to dress all scary and wierd make-upped today, which isn't really different from usual. I don't know if halloween is specifically dres up wierdy and stuff day for wiccans, but it was rather strange. these two girls in my study kept on doing this wierd thing called a "lotus'; or something with there hands and they wrote a wiccan prayer on my friends notebook, and i was thinking, hey, on "ash wednesday I am gonna come in here in a long flowing white robe, make cross motions on my chest, and write the nicene creed all over some wiccans stuff." let's see how they like it huh? All the time I listen to bull from these people saying "don't judge me" and stuff like "Stones and arrows, stones and arrows, persecuted for my beliefs" and I do my best to keep things straight and not try to preach to them and respect there opinions and beliefs and watnot. but they in turn feed me all this sh*t about how the bible was written by the people who said the world was flat, and christianity is lies. but they do NOTHING to respect my thoughts in return, it's incredibly annoying, I don't preach to them, but they say crap about wicca being the original religion and recite prayers at me in my study, when in truth it's probably the newest revised religion at ALL, and I never try to impose my ideals on them. one of these days want some guy to say, "christianity is dumb" so I can hit him in the forehead so hard he can blow his nose through his neck. ok well I am done, sorry if I offended anyone in my rant, but they annoyed me first, not vica versa. peace out

Sunday, October 27, 2002

hey!!!!! I am really bored. not really but I felt like saying I was. yep. Joe got his license! FINALLY! lord it was terrible waiting. now I have to wait another 6 months for him to be able to (legally) drive us around. anywho, I am finding it hard to think clearly right now, I had some cool stuff earlier but I lost it. I got a cool shirt today. it's all slightly too tight and yellow and wierd designs on it and 3/4 sleeved and stuff. it's pretty crazy. yep yep yepparoo. My creative flow came back the other day, and I drew a cool thing for the t-shirts. I'll eventually try and sketch it out better with my french curves and stuff then ink it and give it in. if it works, then all you guys can buy t-shirts I made!! it'll be great. ok well I am out. I'll talk to you all later.
"Your finger puppet recreation of the civil war was really spectacular mitch, you are going to win the pagent for sure." (exit)
"I love her, but if I tell her I have to reveal that i am a man, and then I die, what do I do General Grant?"
(finger puppet of general ullysses s. grant)
"You must follow your heart johnny, then BURN ATLANTA!!"
hahaha and!!

"I just want to go home to the old mechanical bed with a nice juice box, cause when all is said and done-PRISON RODEO!!' (swerves to go to prison rodeo)
well cya haha

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

hey hey all, I was haing a conversation with tim about a huger more tremendously awesome conversation I had with my friend Watts previous to that, if I had remember it all I would tell it, it went on for like an hour, but here is me trying to remember it to tell tim. enjoy.
(essentially I am just talking about how I called my friend watts fat for like an hour in study today)

GarthakQ: hey I was calling this kid fat today for like an hour
TimGuit14: yep
TimGuit14: thats mean!
GarthakQ: and the whole class was just watching us and laughing
GarthakQ: no it was jokalicious
TimGuit14: yeah suuurrree
TimGuit14: jokalicious
TimGuit14: yeah i belive you
GarthakQ: he was like hippy, and I said, "At least I am not as fat as you!" and he said, "I'm not that fat!" and I said, "sure you are, you are so fat that you collaped in on yourself, light cannot escape your field of gravity, you slipped into a pocket in the void between this universe and the next and your gravitational pull is so immense that we all revolve around you."
GarthakQ: and then I said a religion was based on hwo fat he was
TimGuit14: haha
TimGuit14: awesome
GarthakQ: and that although he proffessed to wiegh 165, that that was just what the scale said in scientific notation because he really weighed 165000000
TimGuit14: haha
GarthakQ: and that he himself on earth was just a transmitter to the mother fat, and it was composed entirely of fat, but the reason he didn't know this is cause his memory is too fat to remember so itmade up new stuff
GarthakQ: and that giant pieces of fat fell off of him but he can't see them cause his eyes are too fat

and so on, it was really funny when I was saying it, you have to believe me.

Monday, October 14, 2002

HEY!! GROINGRABBINGLY HUGE NEWS!!!!!!! For those of you who have been trapped in a man-made biocontainment bubble that exists floating in the void between our world and the next for the past 6 months, I need "french curves" for my sketches. they are a set of stencils with various curves and arches onthem that I need to make my backgrounds, and shapes ect. consistent from frame to frame. SO I got some today!! And an exacto knife, which isn't as important but I do need it to cut out frames and lay them out on the paper how I wish. anyway just thought you all should know. this means that I can get cracking on the comic, and I will get it up and running soon. By the way, the repertoire of people in the comic has expanded, now I have Miles, Opus, Uh, this other guy who is refered to as the baron, this guy drew, and um *picks name off top of head for last guy* vince, vince the landlord. all of these guys the main characters, Mile + Opus, hang out with and their adventures are numerous. farewell, may the wind carry you safely wherever you deem to go.

Saturday, October 12, 2002

hey hey all, this is possibly the most boring time I have ever had in my life. ben is here, which isn't boring,but he is in the other room watching television. I had a huge thing I was gonna say the other night, but I was on the way to the mall. So I just thought it, but if I had a comp nearby I totally woulda written it down for you guys it was life changing. haha, I don't remember all of it maybe I'll try to type it out for the 3 people who see my site ever.that's right three!! that's what my survey said when I wrote for EVERYONE who read it to send the word "Booboise" to, but either nobody but three people ever saw it, or you are all just lousy moochers. Oh-di-oh-di-oh-di-oh, Oh-di-oh-di-oh-di-oh, you guys the moochers are all bulljunks. That was like minnie the moocher except cooler cause it made fun of all you stupid heterosexually chalenged testiculary paraplegic moochers!! YOU CAN ALL ROT IN HELL!! unless of course it was just that nobody ever sees this, in which case have a nice day. Moving on, ALL OF YOU!! IF YOU READ THIS THEN SEND THE WORD "BOOBOISE" TO OR I WILL TRACK DOWN ALL THOSE I SUSPEcT OF READING IT AND NOT EMAILING AND DRINK THE WARM REFRESHING NECTAR OF THEIR BLOOD. Besides those who have already contacted me for that express purpose. thank you.
Quote: "If you wanna be good, you have to be good!"-daves song from when he was young, so poetic. It was essentially that over and over or so I hear. Peace out all, party on.

Friday, October 11, 2002

hey hey all, I got to stay home from school today cause I had a dentist appointment. GROINGRABBINGLY HUGE NEWS!!! Good god!! ok you all know about my dental fiasco, or you are deaf to the world, well it turns out that all the not soda and hurty flouride helped alot so I only have one more dentist appointment left *dances* today was probably the easiet one I have ever had. like the injected the crap, and then it was nothing, drill drill drill, poke poke poke, the end. but for some reason it took like an hour and a half, because I just sat there with topical stuff on a q-tip in my mouth for half an hour in the beginning and there was a huge pause in the middle. also it was rainy on the way so my hair got wet, and I was like hanging upside down when it dried, so I have like a soggy afro going on right now haha, I have to run my head under the faucet AGAIN! ok well I am kinda bored and people are signing on now so I am gonna stop posting. just thought I would fill everyone in about my day. Oh and I am still working on that picture for the t-shirt Idea, I may be able to get some of them so I could give some to people if they want one, and if they don't I can tattoo the picture to the stomachs, in place of the shirt, after I fill them up with elephant anesthetic. seeya later

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Hello everyone. I gotta say, I am kinda feeling my creative flow again today. But it is not the good kind, I feel very depressed. All it is accomplishing now is causing me to think the things I hate to think about. Every now and then I take a look at how things are going, and I see that I hate all of this. I don't like anything on this planet, anything earthly. and the only thing that keeps me happy sometimes is knowing that people who I know and love DO love it here, they do love being alive and they do love the world god gave them. but I can't, no matter how much I try, I am a christian, I know that for certain, and I love god and all that stuff, but I still resent the fact that he made me be here, as hard as I try not to I do. and that won't end, in my life all of my bubble have been burst but one, and I won't get that one confirmed or denied till I die, so I have to wait that long, because in my eyes suicide is not an option, I got nothing else to say, forgive me for sounding pompous. I think tonight is another no sleep night dammit. well I am out, take care

Saturday, October 05, 2002

gar I am trying to sketch and stuff, but I am feeling all, unispired today. Stupid creative flow!! stab it!! I desprately need some french curves (teehee) so I am gonna ask for an advance on my ten week bucks as i may have said before, thatmeans no lunch for the week, but it also means french curves!!! (teehee) ok I am done

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Hey hey, my parents and sister are gone, they're at a church meeting or something. So I am home alone. You know what that means! (teehee) thats right! I'm gonna fall asleep on my couch!! And no one can stop me cause they aren't here. I'm gonna play some zelda too, maybe even try to get metal gear to work as well. That's right, accursed baron!! and I'll do it to, chubs!! ok I think I am leaving, maybe do some sketches and listen to some guns and roses haha, I've been obsessed with them for like a week now. ok peace out party on, man.

OK I have some more friggin groin-grabbingly HUGE news!!!! OK, it starts with this, for those of you who don't know, I draw comics, and cartoons and watnot. I'm not that great but I am ok I guess and I am getting better with practice so you can all rot in hell!! You cursednay-sayers always naysaying,I'll kill you all!!! Anyway, I made a little comic that was like two frames for lena and she put it on her agenda book and showed her music teachy guy, and HE said that he would like it if I made the emblem for the band t-shirts for my old school!! So now I get to be as creative as I want and draw a little art graphic thing and it will be put on like 90 t-shirts and they'll take them to florida or something and represent my old school with it. I get to make whatever kinda thing I want. I just hope it doesn't fall through. cause that would scrape the bowels of sucktitude. anyway isn't that groin-grabbingly huge?! I am just happy cause it means I am a good enough artist to do it.anyway.. on another note me and my friend tim (not the baron) were talking the other day. We thought that the original godzilla could kick the living crumbs out of mecha godzilla, think about it, it's just a machine, faulty in it's own way. then we elaborated on it and came up with the idea that if mecha godzilla and regular godzilla came together for like a cyborg godzilla then it would be unstoppable. Then we got sidetracked and said that we wouldn't like to get in a fight with a chicken cause they're so vicious, you know like in cockfights (teehee) then we said if we had a suit of armor and a shotgun then we'd take him, then we said if IT was a cyborg we would be destroyed. Then moved on to a mansized chicken, who could take us all, unless it fought godzilla who could take it, unless it cas a cyborg chicken, in which case it could take godzilla, then there was the cyborg godzilla he could take it, then if godzilla was a ninja he could take it.
then we thought that if godzilla mixed with like mothra he'd be unstoppable cause all godzilla didn't have was wings, and if THAT was a cyborg he would destroy us all, japan would never be able to fight that. THEN we said we wanted to make a terrible movie like that, he said just a guy in a wierd rubber suit stomping things, I said a giant radioactive ninja who could shoot lasers from his eyes, which eventually became a cyborg and was unstoppable till it met cyborg flying godzilla, then the ninja got wings and kicked godzillas can. that was pretty much it I found it funny.
Peace out

Hey hey everybody, I am in kicking compsci class rightnow. Gonna do some programming in a minute :^D, um hm....yeah I'm sure itwill prove lucrative. I just got kinda bored for a few. Well gotta go now, peace out party on.


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