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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Taylor is the father of communism. he also sucks. and is gay. Zing! well, I had a fun and productive day yesterday,I came home from school, took a shower, then rob came over, then dave and lauren and cassie came over. (dave and cassie are adorable, aww) then we went to dave's house, ryan couldn't come *shakes fist* Then at 4:30 or so my mom picked up taylor (the now ADORABLE father of communism) and brought him to daves. where we all hung out and such for several hours, and it was a good time. On the agenda for today? well taylors dad is making him go home, and ryan's got stuff, or something (not to be to specific) so methinks me and dave are just gonna kick around like old times. Lauren's shopping, or something, so I can't see her today I think. *sigh* and my parents are out so even if she could get a ride here, we wouldn't be able to stay at my house haha, according to my mom. THAT'S RIGHT MOM! I LAUGH!! You see, my mom reads this site now, I think she does rather regularly, just to keep tabs on me, so I've had to make a purposeful act towards making it clean and stuff, it's rather annoying. It's not like I would fill it with sex, swears, and drug references otherwise, but this is like being tethered. A good 50 percent of my jokes I have to avoid and such, ah well. Hi Mom! haha, ok I must away, fare well.

Friday, May 30, 2003

You there!
The one who hides
The one who keeps their face congealing inside them
Untill they die!

Hear this!
Let it shine!
Stop hiding beneath that cloud that covers truth
Let your mind dine

On the fruits
The world can give
Stop pursuing entropy and death,
Give up! And live.

Friday, May 23, 2003

good lord I am dumb, I for some reason can't seem to escape my questions and anxiety and it's really really pissing me off. I have had a very surreal last few days because I started remembering my life more and thinking about it. Everything get's all blurry and such and I just keep getting depresseder. ah well, lauren comes over tomorrow! I can't wait, I've been looking forward to it all week. Leah is coming too, which oughta be fun, because she is funny, and such. so I guess it's party at johns house haha. I don't know what we are going to do though, I think lauren said something about a movie but that may not be so, it was a while ago, Welp, cyall later.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Hey there, Face here! Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!...etc. Welp, lauren is grounded from going online today. haha, it's my fault, we were talking on the phone about things and stuff (not to be too specific) and her parents got mad that we were on the phone past 10:30. I wish everyone was a lenient as my parents. They really don't give me much crap, comparatively speaking, because I used to think it was unbearable. I guess I've just gotten less of a life, or they have more trust in me, or I am more mature (ch-yeah) Ch-yeah is that sarcastic "yeah", You know like wayne said on waynes world alot, you know, "Ch-yeah, and monkeys will fly out of my butt." anywho, here's something I wrote last night when I couldn't sleep. Apparently lack of sleep makes you really crazy...

"Happiness evades me
Like slippery air, dodges a fish
Like a fish
When what is so craved
Is attained
We choke and die on it
For we are out of our

Yeah, I'm wierd. Allrighty, I'm out Foo, cya

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Hey hey everyone, guess what? I did the first three pages of my comic today! I have this really long thing in mind, that I'm gonna turn into comic. It will be my madness, in comic form. Haha, oh it feels so good to start it finally, it's mainly for my benifit, I think that if I put all my philosophical ideals, and my depression and anxiety, into anecdotes and story, then perhaps I can grasp a better understanding of it myself, you see? I'm gonna intersperse poems and rants and such into it, oh lord, I just need some more equipment and I can put it together all the way, I've been working on an outline for it and stuff, I've asked taylor to collaborate with me on it and such, so I'll tell him the whole deal when I finish it, I just can't wait! It's so good to have a goal again, seriously I've been floating around without any aim at all for months, no YEARS! and now I once again have something to strive for, I never realized how much I missed that. Well, I love you all! A huge jolt of joy has been crushed into the poultice of my formerly gray and depressed day, I woke up and new it was gonna be awesome for me, but by fourth period I was discouraged. I'm glad my day came back for the win in the end, aren't you? haha, allrighty, cyall later!

A man takes
A man sits
A man silently bears the wieght of a thousand pounds of sh*t
A man sees
A man knows
A man has the truth inside him, but on the path given, goes
A man
The man
Is aware, all that we have is lies.
A man
The man
Takes all the worlds sh*t, then dies.

Isn't that endearing?

Monday, May 19, 2003

Hey everyone, I am having one hella-bad day. I woke up in a terrible mood, but not even a normal terrible mood where I am clever and sarcastic (or so I like to think) Just, bad, all around. Because I didn't get to sleep till very late lastnight, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be grounded when I get home, because that's how my mom works, she let's me go all day without a hint of anger or something, and then I get home only to discover I can't do anything! And after that it's just been bad thing after bad thing, normally I have a little leeway inbetween in which I can rest or something, but his was ajust a constant onslaughtof terrible times had by all, "all" being me. But, on the plus side, I borrowed three bucks from my good friend aaron, and I'm going to buy a Mochacino on the way home, also lauren said she was gonna try to come over, although there turned out to be no youth group tonight, so that could make the day turn rapidly good. nonetheless, as usual, with any depression or negative emotion I feel, comes a burst of intense philosphical thought, most of it this time based on a thing I read about my "personality type" yesterday. It explained why I feel the way I do about alot of things. So I woke up all pissed, was pissed all day, and throughout the day, I just had to keep submitting and submitting to all authority and such because if I didn't there would be consequences, I wanted to just do whatever. I can't help but think that this is is bulljunk and I shouldn't have to put up with it, I shouldn't be forced under the yoke that or society decided to adopt if I choose not to, it sucks! Also I had t ahouthg (about MCAS) and this one was based more on the idea I was thinking of yesterday, that the reason the government and such has been withholding scientific advancements and stuff from us is, simply put, control. think about it, the government possesses weapons and defense mechanisms we can't yet imagine, and they won't tell us about them, why? Because they want that edge, if a revolution sparks, they want to be able to extinguish it and wipe it out before it catches flame. They want to be able to have our system make the switch to a police state in seconds! Man, if we were to rebel, or get out of wack in anyway, they would just arm the cops more, and the president would become a tyrant. Maybe not the president, but some ruler of some sort. He, or parasynthetically she depending on how it works, could just take control in a swift coup de grace of sorts and beat the masses down, and MCAS, these standardized tests, aren't to better our learning environments, they are just another step in identifying threats and regulating intelligence! Standardized testing is just another step toward becoming a tyrranical police state, warn the masses!! haha, yeah, welp that's all I got, see yall later.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Hi guys. Heh, I've been finding it hard to write anything on this site as of late, cause I know my mom goes to it now. You're choking my creativity mom! so on that note, I've decided that, as in most writing, any lewd sayings or profanities are there to add dramatic affect, or to emphasize a specific point, and is not directed, nor originated, to or from anyone in particular. Let's see if my mom yells at me about this later on haha. So I have mcas tomorrow, that's never good. You know how you can allways tell when you are Reeeeaal nervous, like, when you constantly feel like you need to eat, yet have to crap. that's what this entire day has been like for me. Maybe I just have diarrhea, or however you spell that. ah well, so to relax, I guess, I went with ryan and jeff and phil and kyle and althea (yeah, long list) to my old school to visit my old teachers, then to papa ginos, where Ryan "Abraham 'the great emancipator' Lincoln" Engley, and kyle, I think, idk, paid for pizza. those saints, or saint, whichever the case may have been. But now, as usual, I have started to feel a little down. I don't know why, or how, or even if it is actually the case, but nonetheless, I'm feeling...not great. I'm feeling myself get stupider. I never thought I was particularly smart, merciful heavens no, but I've alway tried for a somewhat, I don't know, wider philosophical outlook on things. and I am feeling myself get dumber. Or perhaps, I haven't been advancing at all with age, philosophically, while my booksmart intelligence (what little of it I possess) is beginning to see the flaws in my ideals. as good as my life is, there is something about this whole thing, this constant oppressive existence, the society in which I am forced to live, that I just can't live with. GAH! I don't see how my subconcious could be as pompous as to elevate itself above the rest of humanity, but somehow I don't feel like I am meant to suffer under the yoke man puts himself in. It's not my place, no, it's not OUR place, as mentally and spiritually able beings, to have to deal with this constant bullcrap, why must we anchor ourselves with our own perversions? and more so, why must those who see things differently have to live with the way the rest have made the world? why do we have to wallow in the filth our predecessors created when we didn't choose to be here? These and many more questions answered, when you DIE. haha, that was clever john, swish. Ah well, I love you all, you are my fuel for survival. Bye bye!

Here I go to copy lauren and taylor, *sigh* I need to be more original, ah well...

1. What time is it? 5:43
2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: John "john" Johnington
3. Nickname? johnny, yeah that's it. That's actually my whole nickname, even this explaining part is part of the nickname. it's terrible when calling attendance.
4. Parents names? Margaret and Norman
5. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake? I don't even think I did that.
6. Date that you last blew them out? febtober 93rd
7. Pets? zoe and chelsea....and pj.
8. Eye color? brown, I guess
9. Hair color? dark brown, again, I guess
10. Piercing? none that you can see *wink*
11. Tattoos? I lack tattoos, as of now
12. How much do you love your job? I don't have a job, but if I did, I'd love it thiiiiiiiiiiis much *spreads arms real wide*
13. Best gift you've received? hm, my ps2, probably
14. Hometown? twas originally from middleboro, then I made the dramatic move to bridgewater, and never looked back.
15. Current Residence? bridgewater, stupid.
16. Favourite soft toy? Spotty Squishy!
17. Been toilet papering? never!!
18. Croutons or bacon bits? Ok, I have seen this question on many a survey, and I'm sure it was funny, MAYBE on the first one, but now, no. They're just funny phrases, they don't mean anything. Like chitty chitty bang bang, or give peace a chance.
19. Favorite Movie? alot, don't get me started on movies, cause when I get going, I can never stop talking about things and.. *goes on for twenty minutes* ..and that's how you know your bread is fresh, cause the jam just tastes terrible otherwise.
20. Favorite day of the week? any day but tuesday! I hate tuesday so much!
21. Favorite word or phrase? "BLAST! I can't remember how to talk!"
22. Favorite Restaurant? good ooooooool' baldies. Yep, it's been a while, but nothing beats it, even today.
23. Favorite Flower? ...I don't know, blue.
24. Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Coffee, it's all that keeps me alive.
25. Favorite sport to watch on T.V.? Slamball!
26. Preferred type of ice cream? mmmm, obscure food reference
27. Favorite Sesame Street Character? Taylors head on a stick
28. Disney or Warner Bros.? I'm gonna have to say, disney, but only disney's glory days, donald duck in music land, and the like.
29. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant? Kentaco hut of course, You can get enough to feed five people for ten bucks, and still have enough for a ride on the trolly back to
30. When was your last hospital visit? hm...I don't know
31. What color is your bedroom carpet? a mixture of this ugly brown, and the plethera of things I have spilt on it over the years
32. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? well, you can't be convicted of a crime if you don't get caught
33. Which single store would you choose to max out your credit card? I wouldn't, I am responsible. *stands proud*
34. Most annoying thing? Drying off with a damp towel, OR Having a piece of floss constantly stuck in your teeth, and the only way to get it out is to dig deep with tweezers and bleed alot.
35. Bedtime? when I can fall asleep
36. Favorite all-time TV show? simpsons, still
37. Last Movie you saw? X-men 2 with lauren *dreamy sigh* (a, amour)...and you know dave and the like. *dreamy sigh so they don't feel left out*
38. Favorite Music? a little of everything, I guess.
39. What CD is in your player right this second? I think "Bob Dylan-Blonde on Blonde" Ryan said twas real good, so I have been listening to it alot, and he's right. GO RYAN!
40. What is your deepest fear? that I am entirely philosophically wrong, or that all that is good in my life right now turns bad somehow, all it would take is one tweak, one switch of opinion, to bring everything crashing down! It makes you realize how fragile sanity is, ah well.
41.If you could be a musical instrument, which one and why? the harp, they are so sleek and sexy, and they sound so pure and wholesome. *sigh* someday...
42. If you had to paint a picture of yourself without painting anything resembling a human, what would you be? a severed rabbits head. No particular reason, just cause.
43. What is you favorite weapon of mass destruction? Severed Rabbits Head, or as I like to call it, DEAD RYAN!
44. Are you an internet pornstar? Well yeah, I thought that's what this site was about?
45. Mars Bars or Snickers? Snickers, booyeah! At least we didn't have to choose from poptarts, cause I'd definately choose poptarts, unlike some.....(swish)
46. Does Coke make you hyper? cocaine does, soda, not really.
47. When someone says "Grandma's Chicken Salad" do you get the reference? I think I can kinda get it, but I may just be over thinking
48. Do people think you are really innocent and then get surprised when you show that you can be as dirty-
minded as anyone else? haha, No. I have long proven myself otherwise
50. What's the best item of clothing you own? (hey look I skipped stupid 49!) um, I'd gotta say the jacket dave's mom gave me. No that wasn't a poorly excecuted joke, she actually did give me this flannel jacket I wear alot.

and that's that, farewell everybody.

Monday, May 05, 2003

hey everyone, I am in computer science class right now. Discovering the inadequacies of "aimexpress" oh well, I guess I can deal. I "played softball" in gym today, essentially I just stood by the fence and yelled at people, even though I have no physical prowess myself. haha, according to lauren, she is going to youth group today, plus, Dingus is practicing later on, which is always awesome. so all in all it should add up to be a good day. Rob also revealed to me, a plan to comeover my house tomorrow. that'll be fun, so I'll have two good days in a row! hurrah! ah well, I'm out, cya later

Friday, May 02, 2003

Hey hey, I'm at ryans, I just put a link on here to him, about time eh? ah well, we are playing Chrono Cross. Haha, the wonderful adventures of Mr Poo. haha, that's the main character in this game. Here's some lines from it, "What was keeping you, Mr Poo?" "that was a good fight, are you pooped already Mr Poo?" haha, allrighty, now I am off.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

hey, this is something I wrote last night when I couldn't sleep, it's really wierd...

"Last night I had a dream, nothing like the usual ones, full of perversions and inane proverbial bull. I dreamt more of an image, a painting now mounted in the walls of my brain. Added to my collection, a new work for the tour. In my dream I saw a volcano. On one side, a black castle, ruled by a cruel goddess, "Debauchery". The black castle's inhabitants, The Hedonites. Opposite from this evil dominion stands a white castle, ruled by the fair goddess "Chastity", peopled by the Purians. Over the volcano, a dragon spearheads an attack for Debauchery, an evil green dragon, with red eyes and a black toungue. It's name is Gluttony, and in the end it will consume all. It does battle with a glowing white unicorn called by the name of Grace. It's ocean blue eyes, gazing, could pierce the mind of god. The forces of lust battle the powers of good, fire and smoke fills the air. Through it all, a man watch, in feigned apathy. The odds mount, the battle, that seemingly incessant struggle. The Human Soul."

Man I am screwed up eh? jeez. welp, Cya.


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