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Monday, January 31, 2005

Oh, sweet manifestation of my blogular nature, I have neglected thee too long.
How is everyone doing today? I am assuming that everyone is doing great. I took a long walk last night, which I haven't done in a too long a while. The cool thing about taking a really long walk at night is that, after 3 or 4 miles you begin to go temporarily crazy, because there is no one around, and the silence makes you think about things you wouldn't normally think of. I will give you an example...

Step, Step, Step
"I wonder how gravity works."
Step, Step, Step
"It's like there has always been an invisible person with a strong grip, holding me to the ground."
Step, Step, Step
"When I jump, it's like I am trying to pull away from them, but they are stronger and they pull me back down.
Step, Step, Step
"Gravity is like God. It holds us to the Earth, and imprisons us here. This is the Divine Plan, if we are limited to the resources of the Earth, then our free will has less range and we are therefore more predictable. Like mold cultivated in a sterile petri dish."
Jump, Jump, Jump
"Damn Gravity."
Step, Step, Step
"Rockin' around, the Christmas tree, have a happy holiday."

And so on.
The point is, after a while things that don't make sense or don't matter end up making perfect sense and seeming like the most important thing in the world, and you think, "When I get back to humanity, I am going to reveal this cosmic truth to them and totally blow their minds."
And then you walk into your house, and the "rules" click into place, and all the thinking you did no longer seems poignant.

I feel kind of sickly. I don't know why exactly. I had a terrible headache last night, it almost made me vomit. Isn't that a nice thing to know?
I remember now, why I haven't been updating as much lately. It's because I can't really think of anything to write on here anymore. I sit down at this desk and open the "Edit Blog" link on my bookmarks, and I tap, tap, tap away for a few minutes and I no longer feel the loud obnoxious blod-updating part of me yelling into my ears. The only thing I can still do with any kind of ease is writing the weird gibberish I write sometimes to get rid of the pressure in my mind. And I don't like to publish that, because it is stupid.

I wish there were a way to convey silence to someone on a blog.
Throughout my life I have become a connoisseur of silence. The kind of silence around me right now is sublime, it is 12:13 in the afternoon, I have just woken up home alone, the sound of the computer is in the background, but the only life in the house (besides my cats) is me, and the only human thought in the house is my own. It feels like my thoughts are rebounding off the walls and the corners of the house, like speeding shadows, and by the time someone else gets here the whole house will be full of them, my thoughts will be everywhere; and this place will have been, just for a few hours, my territory.
Does that make any sense?
This is my favorite kind of silence. There is the silence when someone else is home, battling your mind with theirs; not making a sound but creating tension between this room and the next. There is the silence when someone else is with you, which can sometimes be a happy silence, and sometimes a sad silence or an awkward silence. Sometimes you are with someone and you just don't feel the need to talk, and you sit there without thinking, in a comfortable way, for hours.
But those things are nothing next to the silence of solitude. Here, you can hear all the sounds of the physical world, and all the sounds of the Mental world. Here, it seems like everything in the house is alive, and it is all part of your mind. And with no one else around, I guess it could be.

I need a hobby.
Anyway, I have been awake for a good half an hour now, and I have yet to have had coffee. "I have yet to have had"? Does that make any sense?
Whatever. Goodbye ladies and gents, I apologize for the lack of hackneyed obscure witticisms or whatever it is I usually attempt to write on this blog, but I am feeling not quite myself lately; so the odd productions of cerebral loneliness is all you are getting for now.
Have a good day, friends and countrymen, and a good evening.


I got one of my Dostoyevsky books in the mail today, The Possessed. And let me tell you, man, it is funny. I didn't expect it to be funny. It is also an excellent example of Socio-Political Commentary. Ha.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Somehow, this is how I feel today.
The Doobie Brothers- Black Water

Well, I built me a raft and she’s ready for floatin’
Ol’ mississippi, she’s callin’ my name
Catfish are jumpin’
That paddle wheel thumpin’
Black water keeps rollin’ on past just the same

Old black water, keep on rollin’
Mississippi moon, won’t you keep on shinin’ on me
Old black water, keep on rollin’
Mississippi moon, won’t you keep on shinin’ on me
Old black water, keep on rollin’
Mississippi moon, won’t you keep on shinin’ on me
Yeah, keep on shinin’ your light
Gonna make everything, pretty mama
Gonna make everything all right
And I ain’t got no worries
’cause I ain’t in no hurry at all

Well, if it rains, I don’t care
Don’t make no difference to me
Just take that street car thats goin’ up town
Yeah, I’d like to hear some funky dixieland
And dance a honky tonk
And I’ll be buyin’ ev’rybody drinks all ’roun’

Old black water, keep on rollin’
Mississippi moon, won’t you keep on shinin’ on me
Old black water, keep on rollin’
Mississippi moon, won’t you keep on shinin’ on me
Old black water, keep on rollin’
Mississippi moon, won’t you keep on shinin’ on me
Yeah, keep on shinin’ your light
Gonna make everything, pretty mama
Gonna make everything all right
And I ain’t got no worries
’cause I ain’t in no hurry at all

I’d like to hear some funky dixieland
Pretty mama come and take me by the hand
By the hand, take me by the hand pretty mama
Come and dance with your daddy all night long
I want to honky tonk, honky tonk, honky tonk
With you all night long

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bruce Berry was a workin' man
he used to load that econoline van.
A sparkle was in his eye
but his life was in his hand.

Well, late at night
when the people were gone
he used to pick up my guitar
and sing a song in a shaky voice
that was a real as the day was long.

Tonight's the night, yes it is
tonight's the night
Tonight's the night, yes it is
tonight's the night.

How is everyone doing today? I always feel stupid whenever I put that line in here, "How is everyone doing today?" because there really is no need for it.
But that's ok, you all love me for the adorable character that I am. I assume.

Man. If I were any kind of Man, I would be doing comics right now. Unfortunately I have discovered that I am really not any kind of Man, and probably won't ever do comics ever.
My already inadequate skill is now waning with disuse. It's a depressing situation.
You know what? To hell with this, man, I'm gonna go draw.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

We love to funk you, Funkenstein, your funk is the best
Take my body, give it the mind to funk with the rest
Hit me with the one and then
If you like hit me again!
We love to Funk-a-stein!

The words that hold the hope of the ages.
I am patching up my jeans tonight. Party at the Colón residence.
That is all that is in my head tonight.
Goodnight everybody.

Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm such a goddamn nutjob, I have to go to work at Veronica's tomorrow morning, and yet I cannot bring myself to sleep right now.
I couldn't get our Brita filter to work, just now, so I have about a half a glass of water next to me, and that's all I get for tonight. I guess when it's gone I will try to go to bed.
I came across this brilliant comic online, earlier. Recently I discovered a comic that was very vulgar, disgusting, offensive, and hilarious. I told Tim about it, I don't know if he liked it at all, but I kind of did. The guy who wrote it had previously made another webcomic, in 1998, and it is archived online. Let me tell you, I read it just now, and it is stunning. It's done in pen and ink on board, with this beautiful classic cross-hatching. Man, the composition of it is so interesting, and the writing for it is so intuitive, so smart, you know? It's an autobiographical thing, about a break-up that he went through and his reaction to it. It's just so... I don't even know man, it is just brilliant. It's called A Heart Made of Glass, if anyone is interested wants to see it, just ask for a link and I'll find it again for you. It's unfinished, I guess it was originally intended to be 5 books long and he only finished two. Still, though, it's great.
Anyway, now that I have nerded you all with my nerd...

I am feeling down-hearted. Who would have guessed, huh? I don't really no if there is a cure for my particular kind of blues, but if there is, I would like to inject it into my veins.
I have to find something to do with my time, but I don't want something to do with my time. Isn't that a weird predicament? There are things right now that make me so happy, but there's so much dragging me down at the same time. Inside my head, that little child is confused, and crying. No one understands the mind of a strange man, least of all himself.
A while ago the filter in my fingers for what I should and should not write on this public place was broken. Take what you read here as you will, it's meaningless gibberish anyway.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

At dawn my lover comes to me, and tells me of her dreams.

The blizzard of '05, they'll call it.
Why is it that all these things can happen in my lifetime without affecting me? What was it, last year that a blizzard hit us that was worse than anything seen around here for two decades?
The whole 9/11 thing happens, the single largest act of terrorism in the history of America (perhaps Mankind, as well) and it doesn't mean a thing to me. All the war, and strange politics and constant social and economical turmoil the likes of which have never been seen before; and it just doesn't seem like it matters to me.
It's just strange.

Girl by the whirlpool is looking for a new fool
Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters!

Man, I was feelin' this update earlier, but now my brain has given up on thinking again. Lucky you, huh?
More later.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hullo ladies and gents. I am in a thoughtful mood today, thoughtful thoughtful thoughtful!
Why so thoughtful, you ask? Well, I'll tell you!

...To be perfectly honest, I don't know.

Hey, so how is everyone doing tonight? Doing alright? Great! I am doing well myself. So, I took the SAT today. I am sure I have told each and every one of you this individually. Now you all converge here at this, the apex of our small slice of society, to hear the official announcement as it sweeps across the plains in a mighty and thunderous roar!
So, I took the SAT today.

I don't have a whole lot of moxy right now, if you know what I am saying. By "moxy" I mean... y'know, Moxy.
The SAT wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be, though parts of it were challenging. I think I did ok, though. We shall see, on February 4th!
That's when I'll have the score. Everyone forget that I told you that, though. Remember, the SAT does not exist.

Now that that is settled, I'm going to do something else!
Worst update Ever.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Hey hey everybody. I am as sick as all hell today, I felt it coming yesterday, I knew it was going to happen. Ugh.
I was going to go to work all day today, but I can't really go to work with food if I have a horrible disease like this.
After hearing, "Time" in the car the other night and posting the lyrics here, I have felt very Floydy, so I am downloading some songs of theirs because I do not own any of their albums save that one Dark Side tape I have, which I cannot currently find. Isn't that just dandy?
I am slowly filling up this entire trash barrel with my mucus, and the occasional tissue. Pretty awesome, huh? I know, it is awesome.
I hope I don't have class tonight, because I don't want to go. Maybe I'll just take one of my three available absences. Yeeess, that will do nicely.
That's one thing I dislike about not going to school in the day, is that nobody is home to talk to online or anything, the only contact I have with anything like a human being is writing on this blog and infrequently talking to me popsy.
I had the weirdest series of dreams last night, I won't get into them because it would probably freak some people out. But man! They were WEIRD!

Ugh, I can't really think of one idea to talk about for more than like a sentence or two. Does that ever happen to anybody else? Like Yeah, I can try to make something interesting, for like 10 words. After that, though, you're on your own. Don't try and control me man, I'll cut you down!

If I could think of one person that I would like to insert my consciousness into in some alien-pod-like infestation to take over their entire life, and steal all their memories; I think it would be David Gilmour. He's so cool! And now he is old and fat, so I'd have the best of both worlds.
Him, or Catherine Zeta Jones. I have my reasons.
Too bad I don't have that ability, right? Darn.

I can't really think of much else to write right now, which is distressing, because after this I'll have nothing to do except play Jak and Daxter. That's fun, don't get me wrong, but it is a lonely life, filled with ire and hardship.
So much Ire. I can't escape it, you know. It's like I live in some Ire Land, where Ire abounds, and everyone eats a lot of potatoes for some indiscernable reason.
Also, we wear kilts.
Ireland: The Vacation of Tomorrow, TODAY!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Pink Floyd-Time

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking
And racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in the relative way, but you’re older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the english way
The time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say

Home, home again
I like to be here when I can
And when I come home cold and tired
It’s good to warm my bones beside the fire
Far away across the field
The tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic spells.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Awwwwwwwww baby! Don't even get me started on what and what not to say, because I have control of the neutron BALM!
We have just landed and we are here representing the Association of Funk Diplomacy. Turns out roughly five hundred lustful women find my body to be the loveliest thing ever crafted by 17th century architects; the votes are in and my landlord has been dragged out into the street and shot!
Terrible magnificence! Lonely boys and los lonelilos burritos deathstab! Furry hobos of utter damnation have witnessed my deformed mass and I myself have seen it pegged to the walls of my intellectual FURY!

How is everyone tonight? I have taken a heavy dose of OBSOLESCENCE! And can not currently string thoughts together in a way that can be weighed the way normal ways from far far away can wear a tuxedo. Pr0n!
So, why am I updating this tortilla of flame retardant lonesharks, you ask?

No, I am just amusing myself at the expense of others. But isn't that what Satrinsday is all about? I remember as a youth I had a great interest in Norse mythology, an interest that was burnt out of my VERY EYES by the dark allure of hometown texan cooking and a hearty beefsteak.
Phony Calls and Several Y'alls, and all the serious multiplication devices therein. The Clone Wars are not shaping up to what the minds of many men have understood them to be thus far.

So you say! But I have a different viewpoint media player, from which I can understand the collective soul of the white community as is, no strings attached for only 29.95 on this special TV offer. Dance with me this monday at 8, because it is the last time my legs will move. Rust pervades, invades, and degrades my systems and my body gives in nightly to it's grabby fingers. JOHN THE LEGISLATOR! And my OWN terrible destruction thrown at the fragile minds of my contemporaries have voted unanimously to suck the juice out of every piece of the 7/11 sweetmeats that have rained down on our weak dome-shaped heads for all of the awning length of my love-affair with the millennia. Tell me why, finally, that you can't understand my lust for self-destruction and my terrible fear of women, feet, happiness, and handshakes! This description of my rancid, rapid, thought patterns is over! The diaspora have regrouped and are hurling bricks at us and all we can do is super-size our damn meals for 49 cents, so to hell with my fantatical attachment to society!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Hello everyone. It has been a pretty wacky night, I had a headache so I took some Percoset which funked me out of my mind, as well as making my head not hurt. I remembered today that I have the SAT next Saturday, which means I have to study and stuff. I guess that's alright. I really need to study, though. As far as the verbal stuff goes, I think I will be able to do Ok. I'm going to brush up on it a bit, of course; I am gonna go to the library on Tuesday and pick up a few books, some more Classic literature, dig? Just so that I am focused, I guess. Math, though, math is going to be a bitch. My mum said she would tutor me, which is cool. I don't have to feel bad about it, because she is house-bound right now too. Her leg is infected, it's terrible. She can't really walk much and she has to stay in and keep it elevated. Really bad timing for several reasons, we just moved and she is the person who knows where things should go, and also, her student teaching was supposed to start this week, and she isn't supposed to walk much until the 25th or so, which means she may have to put it off till next semester and get her teaching degree way later than she had been hoping. She was very sad about this, it made me feel terrible, but in these kinds of situations there isn't really a whole lot you can do to help except get up to get her drinks sometimes.
Apparently some scientists in Europe landed a spaceprobe on one of the moon's of Saturn. Titan, to be precise. I found this violently interesting, I guess the moon had an atmosphere somewhat similiar to ours, and it was covered in liquid methane oceans. Isn't that awesome? Liquid Methane!
Anyway, finding this out renewed my zeal for science, which I usually keep private because it never lasts very long, so the little science I ever learn is all bogus and only partially true. Crazy shazz, eh?

Alright, I am going to go shower now, as I am filthy. You all have a wonderful morning or whatever.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Funky funky rolodex.
How is everybody, this BLINDING night? I am good. My floor is warm, which in turns makes the world go round. I want to go lie down but I feel obligated to update. Don't expect anything interesting, though. Haha, not that you would.
I am completely funked out of my mind tonight man, seriously.
Yeah. I'm done for now, perchance I will add to this later.
I will leave you for now, with this, the song that brings so much joy into my life:
Boston- More than a feeling

I looked out this morning and the sun was gone
Turned on some music to start my day
I lost myself in a familiar song
I closed my eyes and I slipped away

It’s more than a feeling, when I hear that old song they used to play (more than a feeling)
I begin dreaming (more than a feeling)
’till I see marianne walk away
I see my marianne walkin’ away

So many people have come and gone
Their faces fade as the years go by
Yet I still recall as I wander on
As clear as the sun in the summer sky

It’s more than a feeling, when I hear that old song they used to play (more than a feeling)
I begin dreaming (more than a feeling)
’till I see marianne walk away
I see my marianne walkin’ away

When I’m tired and thinking cold
I hide in my music, forget the day
And dream of a girl I used to know
I closed my eyes and she slipped away
She slipped awa y. she slipped away.

It’s more than a feeling, when I hear that old song they used to play (more than a feeling)
I begin dreaming (more than a feeling)
’till I see marianne walk away
I see my marianne walkin’ away

Woopsie-doozle. Here I am again, updating this blog like I don't know which way is up. I cannot think right now, so I am going to write as comes to mind, which is generally how I do things anyway. I had a good day today, things were done, stuff was said. It was essentially a good time for all involved. Wait a minute, I have to use the bathroom.
The cool thing about having a rather large house without any "same building" people and three bathrooms is that my family of insomniacs can all wander around and do their own weird "late night" things without bothering each other. There is nothing more disagreeable than being in the "not-sleeping-because-you-are-temporarily-nuts" mode and having to spend time around your family. I think that is something we can all agree on.
It's Type a Paragraph and Take a Break Night! Brought to you by rich chocolatey Ovaltine.
I must get some sodee, hold on.
Sodee Obtained!

Speaking of obtaining things, I am in the mood to play some Kingdom Hearts. I've been feeling that way all day. Unfortunately, I am also in the mood to watch Star Wars and eat Cheez Doodles, which precludes Kingdom Hearts. Especially the Cheez Doodles, I don't want to get cheez stuff on the controller and... such.
What fools these mortals be!
I have been wanting to quote that line all day.
Here is another line I got stuck in my head
"The day will come, when you will turn to escape and there will be no place to run."
That's from this incredible reggae song that was on 88.9 earlier, it was so good. It was wicked long, too, and chock full of all that Oh-So-Revolutionary fun we have come to expect from the Rastafarian community.

Man, I began typing this with a will to LIVE! But it has all drained out of me now. I need to find something to do.
Anyway, goodnight everybody.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Hey-lo everyone. Phone Number Time!
I had to get my cell-phone number changed because it was charging me too much to use it for a strange reason, my new cell phone number is: 508-264-5440
My new house phone number is: 508-880-4775
That is all, for now.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Hey, one more sidenote. It has come to my attention through perusing the recent comments that my friend Leah has a new blog set up. I did not know till now because Leah and I do not converse on any kind of regular (or lately, any kind of existant) basis; which ain't no big thang. Nevertheless! Her new blog is linked in the links, and you should all give it a read-a-roo, as she is a blindingly intelligent woman.
Toodle-ee, buckaree.

Hello ladies and gents, as advertised in the previous post: I have returned. I come bearing gifts of exotic fruits, sweet-smelling oils, and foam rubber cupholders for your automobiles.
Tonight is a strange night, for reasons I cannot rightly explain. I am feeling a little wiggy, as it were, and I can't quite put my finger on why.

I decided a couple of nights ago to keep an online journal of a different sort, one made not to entertain the vision of my buddies, but more to empty my brain of the thoughts that are stored in it, even if they don't make a lick o'sense.
SO! The deal is, I am going to create another blog, and I will maintain both. This one is for the updating I have been doing up till this point, and that one will be for the meanderings of a strange insomniac mind -- and the two will never meet.
Anyway, the explanation for the second blog is in the first post of the second blog, which is: Here.

That being said, I will leave you now. I will put tonight's post on the other blog, probably sometime in the AM, as the post that is currently up I wrote last night.
See-y'all later.

Hello hello everybody! How are y'all doin? I am visiting at Taylor's house right now, as I do... on occasion. The internet isn't working at my house yet, it should be going alright in a few hours; who knows, though? Not I!
Everybody tries to be poetic now-a-days, and nobody pulls it off!

Damn, man. I was going to try and write a lot on here, but now my motivation to do so has faded. So... yeah, I'm going to go.
I have finished moving, the new house is awesome and I love it. Talk to you all later, hopefully online tonight!

Friday, January 07, 2005

There is only so long I can sit in one place before my loquacious fingers again get the wanderlust, and perform their dirty deeds on this here solicitor of literary prostitution.
We are moving, as you all know; but I for one, am not very good at it. My room is more trashed than usual right now, as I had to pull all kinds of things out of their places and empty places of their things all yesterday, and I was supposed to do dishes three days ago and I haven't done them yet. It is far too easy for me to get sidetracked into doing nothing, and I am growing increasingly suspicious of my brain. It is far too likely for it to be working against me. Just think about it, my brain sitting in there, with access to my memory and my laziness hormones, completely free to do whatever it wants with me; it is very possible that it could subterfuge my normal complete willingness to work, and turn it into some kind of... NON-work. It is the perfect crime.

I didn't realize how much art supplies I have. I have all these enormous easel pads and giant rolls of paper. It's great! Unfortunately it's going to be a trick getting it all out of this apartment. But... who's to know?

I really need to do dishes. Really badly.

I was thinking earlier that I could pretty easily grow my hair back out (as my strange and somewhat disturbing female counterpart is quoted to say, "Hair Grows.") but I then remembered what I looked like when I was first trying to grow my hair a few years ago. My hair isn't the kind of hair that looks good in that awkward middle stage. Nobody's is, really, but mine is far, far worse. Perhaps I would invest in a dab of hair-gel, and see if I might alleviate my ugliness in that circuitous fashion.

I've found myself unable to write for the long, extended periods of time that used to be my forte. As such, I must leave you now. I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into all the oddity that is John.

Ahem. This blog has seen me go through a lot of hard times. I have been updating it almost daily for the past three or four years, whenever I feel depressed, lonely, elated, angry, wacky, whenever I've felt anything, I have written a post on here. Well my friends, despite the unusually long time I have had this blog running, today we witness another first.
Today is the first time I have ever updated my blog with Short Hair. Bum-bum-Buuuuuuuuuuuum!!
You heard right. I don't know exactly what prompted me to do it, but last night I had my mom cut all my hair off. She isn't exactly the best hair stylist in the world, though, so it is just buzzed now. To be exact, it is 3/8ths of an inch long, all over.
Anyway, I know that most of you probably don't care, and the ones that do care who I haven't yet told are probably a little surprised, but... what're you gonna do?
I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, at first I loved it, and then I got really depressed, and then this morning I remembered that I don't really care either way because I'm always going to think I am an ugly bastard. That made me happier.
Anywho, just lettin' y'all know, haha.

I slept over Ryan's last night, which was a good time. It's so weird, him and I can not see each other for like... weeks, or months, and then when we do see each other we just pick up right where we left off, making the same ol' jokes and havin' a good time. The same thing has been happening with Dave, him and I haven't really hung out much for a while, but recently I've seen him a few times outside of church and it felt normal to me. Wacky, man. I guess if you hang around the same people for long enough, eventually you just turn into each other permanently.

Alright, I guess I'm gonna head on out now. Everyone have a wonderful day!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we closed on our new house yesterday, we are going to try and have a big move day this saturday, anyone who can help out would be greatly appreciated. *inconspicuous wink... inconspicuous nudge... inconspicuous shove*
Go-Go-Gadget Wrench!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Man, a loss for Words!
This is the third day of my "Not Going to School" life. Or is it the second? I can't remember anymore. Things are easy, no troubles here. Nevertheless I cannot overcome my normal mentality that life is bleak. I can't seem to escape those feelings, I guess it's in my genes. Everything can be great, but I still feel down. Ah well, such is life.

I've been finding myself getting interested in Uechi Ryu again, perhaps I'll talk to Taylor about training with me or something. Or, perhaps he will read this and talk to me about it, which is probably far more likely. I'm terribly out of shape, for kicks I decided to try and work-out a bit earlier. I tried to stretch, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I've never been the most flexible of fellows, at least not in the legs, and that has grown steadily worse over the past few years of stagnance. Maybe if I stick at trying to not... die... I may be able to get back into some semblance of fitness.

Anyway, that's the only stuff I feel like talking about right now. Everyone have a pleasant morning/evening/whenever! My love for you is exceeded only by my desire for sexual excellence!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Your family just got a whole lot famler.

Welcome to the Hotel Baked-Alaska, where our bellboys are paid... Under the Table.
If I suffered from a massive coronary right now, and my eyes popped out of my head, and I then died without so much as making a sound or drinking one last can of Fresca: would the world miss me?
Or rather, would I be missing anything?
Who knows, chums. I'll tell you one thing though, I don't like the idea of my eyes popping out of my head. Not one bit.

920 is the lucky number!

Friends, countrymen, local librarians, I am tired. I think it is about time I took a break from doing nothing, got off my strangely thin ass, and went for a walk. Problem is, summer is over! I can't go out walking in this weather, or in the dark, without a coat and/or one of those hats with flashlights attached to them. My only solution is circumcision. Not in the usual sense, of course. Gentlemen do not speak of such horrid topics. No no, I mean the shearing off of a spider's soul.
See, spiders, unlike most normal creatures, have an actual physical soul, it is one of their many body-parts. If you cut it off, you then own that spider's immortal being for all eternity, until the time comes when you choose to release it.
That's what separates us from the spiders. That's all, though. Other than that we are completely identical.

Welp, I figure it's about time for me to hit the ol' dusty trail. I apologize for the abundance of posts in this 12 hour period. It's just the way I roll.
G'night one and all!

This is a Bob Dylan song that Taylor introduced me to that I adore.

Bobby Dyls- Masters of War

Come you masters of war
You that build all the guns
You that build the death planes
You that build the big bombs
You that hide behind walls
You that hide behind desks
I just want you to know
I can see through your masks

You that never done nothin'
But build to destroy
You play with my world
Like it's your little toy
You put a gun in my hand
And you hide from my eyes
And you turn and run farther
When the fast bullets fly

Like Judas of old
You lie and deceive
A world war can be won
You want me to believe
But I see through your eyes
And I see through your brain
Like I see through the water
That runs down my drain

You fasten the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you set back and watch
When the death count gets higher
You hide in your mansion
As young people's blood
Flows out of their bodies
And is buried in the mud

You've thrown the worst fear
That can ever be hurled
Fear to bring children
Into the world
For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain't worth the blood
That runs in your veins

How much do I know
To talk out of turn
You might say that I'm young
You might say I'm unlearned
But there's one thing I know
Though I'm younger than you
Even Jesus would never
Forgive what you do

Let me ask you one question
Is your money that good
Will it buy you forgiveness
Do you think that it could
I think you will find
When your death takes its toll
All the money you made
Will never buy back your soul

And I hope that you die
And your death'll come soon
I will follow your casket
In the pale afternoon
And I'll watch while you're lowered
Down to your deathbed
And I'll stand o'er your grave
'Til I'm sure that you're dead

So it happens. After spending several hours staring at nothing, face-up on my couch, I gave up the battle. Every night I have to fight to keep myself laying there; it's night-time, you know? So I simply must try to go to sleep.
It ain't woiken fo' me tonight tho', darlin'.

What am I supposed to be saying here? I don't have a whole lot on my mind except my natural secretions of verbal dumbassery. I'm watching some weird independant short animations on the nicktoon channel right now. This one is actually pretty good, pretty funny too. I'd like to be an animator, someday. Who knows if that will ever actually happen.

My skull was so full of thoughts when I was lying down, but when I made myself vertical, they all drained down to my feet. If I wrote standing on my head, I bet I would have better results.
Goodnight, ladies and gents.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hey hey everyone. I came to a final decision today. I am not going to school anymore, beginning now. There is no point to going, because I won't be able to save my grades, so I might as well just stay home and enjoy myself. I have to find a full-time job, though. Both because I need money and because I'll need to be working to get work-study credit when I get into night-school on the 17th.
Anyway, that's the end of that... paragraph.

My older sister has had some minor complications with her pregnancy and is staying at the hospital tonight, which worries the hell out of me. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks.

I don't have a lot to talk about right now. Tim and Dave came over today, we had a good time I guess. I was hopped up on the juice because it was a headache day for Johnny.

Yep. So this blogpost is done with. I'm not int he most creative mood today, so... g'bye.


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