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Saturday, September 28, 2002

Hey hey all, guess who's back? Me, I'm sure that came as a surprise. Hey I was wondering how many people ever read this site. If you are reading this right now, Cut and paste this word: "Booboise" and send it to that way I can get an accurate count cause of who gives a damn about this site at all. Thanks Ol' Chums. arg I had an awesome thing I was gonna post but I totally forgot. hm....................................................Nope still not here. well again I'll just type till I get angry about something.....About my day! Ok, last night I hit the mall with dave and tim and kelly and erin, we were just walking around we sat in one spot for like 90 years. then I went to tim's house and dave went home. today I woke up AT tim's house at like 11, walked out and jen had slept over with lauren and they were chilling at the table, so I got some tea and sat with them for a while talking about how My school's football team ordered a stripper and got caught. then I went home, from then on it's a blank spot.....lena made cookies.......uh.......Britney Locantore had a baby!! whoa! a friend of our family in case anybody doesn't know which most do and those that don't....don't. anyway it's a little girl she is 8 pounds 5 ounces. she had her a 12:40 today! *dances the new baby dance, furiously!* uh then.... huh I sat around on the computer....then I went to tim's....he taught me vaguely how to play My Michelle, but I'll never get it down right even though it's quite simple. No prob though it was the student who scraped the bowels of sucktitude not the teacher........then I watched tv.... at tim's.......watched vh1's 100 sexiest stars haha. Man I am a womanizer, but tim is worse. You should hear the raucous riotous things he says, things like, "John that is disgusting!" and "Put down that teddy bear!!". Jeez get a grip on yourself man. he should really step out and take a good hard look at himself. HEY!... no I got nothing I was hoping when I typed hey something would come. Boom boom wickity wickity boom boom Whaaaa! I forgot the tune dave told me yesterday but I forgot curse my senile brain! for those of you who don't know what the Whaaa! was then listen to insane in the brain by cypress hill. It's cool, I think that is like the one rap group that I like that is currently around, you know? mainly cause they have the "Whaaa!" thing going, but they stick more to the roots you know? not all monotonous fo'shizzle my Nizzle bulljunk. I wish all the rappers around now had overly huge novelty clocks on there necks, giant "boomboxes" and wore adidas with no laces and windbreaker suits and backward hats. and when they rapped they spun on there heads and breakdanced and watnot. I'd like rap anyday, it could be about killing white guys and raping people or whatever the hell they say about rap nowadays, i wouldn't care, they would spin on their heads!! man that'd be sweet. If there was one thing I could do, after all the others things I would want to do, it would be breakdancing.

Quote: "To the one that slams...."etc I think that is how a cypress hill song starts, and if it doesn't, well it does now!!

Peace out, party on.

Hey! I got this awesome quote in my head, man. I was telling my mom about my Inane future tellings. Like a week ago I had a dream that i saw a sign on my fridge but I didn't know what it was, and today my mom put a sign up. (The sign was to wash your own dishes cause we don't have a maid service but that doesn't matter) she said, "yeah that happens to me sometimes." and I said "Maybe we're psychic!" and she smiled kinda grimly and said, "We're not psychic." and then the awesome quote came (dragnet music)....
"Time is like a river, and sometimes we get to see a little upstream."
AWESOME!! It explains deja vu and watnot too I love it. Little quotes like that always tickle my elbows till the skin peels off (that's a good thing, cause it has elbows and that reminds me of mac n cheese).

ok I'm out
Quote: man I should stop typing quote before I have one. this whole post was about a quote! God I am stupid.

good god I am bored. I think I am going to fall asleep I actually gota go in a few minutes I just remembered. I want to go to daves but he has an away message up. maybe I'll go to tim's that may prove lucrative. well whatever i do, I am leaving now. farewell

Friday, September 27, 2002

Hey hey all, I feel so depersonalized right now. I have gotten so little sleep lately, AND I am off caffiene almost completely. So my body is almost dead but my mind is friggin in a playground, you know? Well I am at tim's house, we got home from the mall just like an hour ago. We went with dave, erin, and kelly. I did a good amount of beep bopping, yeah! haha, also I have a new addition to my favorite bands, Guns and Roses man, they're freaking fantastic. If you haven't heard much by them go out and buy appetite for destruction or download My Michelle or welcome to the jungle or sweet child of mine. All of these on appetite for destruction of course. Anyway, I am feeling particularly creative today, i hope it'll carry on into tomorrow and I can get my ten week bucks from my mumsie and go by some french curves and finish some comics, then if god willing my scanner is working I will load them onto the allmighty teaspoon. and then you will all see my true genius. i am writing a story now too, on my 386, I haven't gotten my damn hell ass 486 running yet cause the stupid bad smelling plug in pla won't work and it decided that my floppy drive a shouldn't be recognized as well. yeah but it's pretty cool, kinda depressing cause there is a lot of death in it but I am finding it lucrative. oh yeah! If I get my scanner running and the french curves (teehee) then I will start on my animated action film that i don't have a title for yet, but I have all kinds of ideas. Essentially it is just an exploration and a chance to use the "poof" sound I like so much, but we will see how it goes. my eyes are killing me, it's like i have a migraine but only with the side effects, not an actual headache. speaking of which, I really like hats, I wish I could find a hat I wanted, cause it would rule!! I'd be like slash cause that's the kind of hat i want. well tim is being a big hoe bag haha, sorry tim, serioulsy though your parties rock! oh yeah lauren is away, nuts. got no lauren to say "Hi lauren" too, and that's like 1 name taken out of my "Hi (insert name)" repertoire. well I am out.

quote: "there is no paper towel that can wipe that off your conscience..."
Take it as you will haha, i said that once in science class. Peace out.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

hey everybody, if you'll scroll down a bit you'll see where I got angry adn started ranting, I apologize for that I was kinda pissed off and I haven't had any coffee or anything, so I remembered old biolgy offenses and yelled. oh well. I am going to shower now, peace out.

Everybody dance, everybody dance, everybody look at your pants!
I'd even eat a baaa-by deer, lalalalalalalalala, who's the baby deer on the la-wn with the-
well i am out of little song tidbits, nuts. I thought I had a larger stash. You know what!? I want to rant something but I can't think so I am just gonna type till I get angry. Type type type, type type type, typity type type type type! ok I think I got it. Nope, type type itty type type typearoo type typo type typearoonsky. Ok here goes: crumbs false start sorry, Maybe I'll just talk about my day. No! I got it I'll type about my wied predicament. here you are
I found out the other day at the dentist that I inherited my parents aptitude for brittle teeth, and that the soda and gum I chew all the time is wearing away the enamel like hydraulic mining in 1866. Also I have been brushing wrong or something that I don't really get but it is detremental to my teeth health. so now I gotta quit soda, which is like giving up half my life, and gum, which isn't as large but still quite big in and of itself. So I have downed three cups of tea today and like a liter of orange juice and I have had nothing that actually quenched my thirst. I gotta say, I am not liking this, I need a new habit. Maybe I'll take up murder or something, or, I could just type out alot of schmegma like this, or, I could devote all my time to comics instead of sitting on my lazy ass and drinking four gallons of dr. pepper a day, by the way the reason the allmighty teaspoon isn't running yet is causemy scanner isn't working, actually my computer doesn't have enough space to run the driver and save things anymore. which scrapes the bowels of sucktitude. I think we are going to get a new one soon, BOSS!! if we do, I am gonna like explode and have a heart attack and rip my face off and shoot my liver all at the same time in excitement. hey guess what else? wait I promptly forgot my story,damn. My friggin head is gonne rip open seriously, no caffiene besides like some friggin tea all day, I am almost blind my head is killing me and I think I might pass out,no lies. I want to get addicted to something new, like: schoolwork, personal hygiene, cleaning, responsiblity. all of these things could help me, and too much wouldnt really hurt me. but NOOOO!! I had to go and get stuck on damn sack of human bile caffeine! and the side affects are worse too, I couldn't be addicted to money, or a reeeaaally big house, or even something fun!! perhaps, I don't know, grilled cheese! But NO! the fabric of our tiny insignificant universe had to be set just so, my flow of life had to cause me to interact with mountain dew. and why the hell do we have teeth?! seriously, they are unneccesary, we could just have probosci like insects, or giant mandibles or something, teeth can rot, it was the cause of death to humans for centuries!! hey there is something shooting a hole in evolution right there, why the hell would we evolve to something that has to watch it's eating patterns to survive, that has to rely or it's science to keep alive. If evolution was really existent and smart we';d be plants, cause they can create there own energy and don't mess as much with the habitat. did you know that they actually discovered through research in mitochondria, that we all came from one mother?! every person on the world was descendent from a maximum of 7 people, no lies. and they entirely overlook that it could be cause of adam and eve, or those left after the flood, captain what's his name, evolution is a faith now. it's just a faith taken up by those who are so dependent on there damn "science" that they would create a whole nother religion! Just to avoid creationism! Over half of the current scientists have come to believe that the "evidence" they have is total bullflop! BULLFLOP! and yet they teach it in schools. One scientist brought it to an assembly of scientist, he said, "tell me one thing 100% true about (macro)evolution" and they all sat there for like an hour, then one got up and said, "We shouldn't teach it in high school." and yet, they do, and yet they frown on creationism. it pisses me off, this is the reason we have grown so stoic. you think that 250 years ago we'd a taken 9/11 like we did?! We killed for years, sacraficed hundreds, because we were TAXED!! and yet we have grown so ambivalent about the human soul, we are just animals, this and, we started out as bacteria, that. GO TO HELL! you will too, believe you me. My biology teacher ranted for like 20 minutes about how evolution was true, some kid said "What the hell?" about something and she screamed at him, you know why? it is part of the human condition to avoid oaths, curses and watnot. if we were just animals, if we didn't have a supreme being, you think we'd aviod swears? do you see monkeys going, Oh darn!, no they are all "GRAAAH, graaaahh!!!" with there monkey ways, eating each others lice and watnot. I am so sick of this bulljunk.
Today's science is tomorrow's Folklore!

wubba wubba wubba and a woo woo woo, wubba wubba wubba and a doodly doo! thats what my niece used to sing when she was reeeeaaal tiny. well I just remembered it now, so you can all rot in a tiny nieceless, dirty hell!

quote: "John, how come you are so manly and devilishly handsome?" (ok granted no one has ever asked that but we all know you thought it)

hey everyone this is a conversation between me and dave, I am on my sisters name so it says I am fshsrose, but DEAL WITH IT MORTALS!

Fshsrose: apology accepted, dave!
skanker1213: hmm?
Fshsrose: it signed me off, so instead of me saying sorry, I said YOUR apology was accepted by me
Fshsrose: isn't the logic dazzling?
skanker1213: oh ok but i will not apologize
Fshsrose: it's too late I already accepted it, given or not
Fshsrose: I just took it
skanker1213: well i never had it to begin with
Fshsrose: with EXTREME FORCE
Fshsrose: then I fabricated it and took it
skanker1213: i dont in anyway agnolidge your force
skanker1213: be it extreme or not
Fshsrose: with EXTREME FORCE
skanker1213: you have no power to fabricat my apoligies
Fshsrose: no it was EXTREME FORCE
Fshsrose: I did though
Fshsrose: with EXTREME FORCE
skanker1213: well i am older than you
Fshsrose: older and shrivled and impotent
skanker1213: john, even the extremest of force has no power of me
skanker1213: and my apoligies
Fshsrose: not with the EXTREME FORCE I have
Fshsrose: well mine does
skanker1213: see but you dont own my apoligies
skanker1213: see john the way ti works is
skanker1213: your wrong
Fshsrose: and if not, then I fabricate an EXTREME FORCE, which is EXTREME enough to do any EXTREM act of EXTREMITY that I desire
Fshsrose: dave, you lost already
Fshsrose: cause I am so EXTREME
Fshsrose: *shows off how extreme he is*
skanker1213: but your extreme force has no power of me
skanker1213: that says extreme force in super subscript by the way
skanker1213: its so insignificant that it is unreadable
Fshsrose: I didn't say it did, I said my EXTREME FORCE could fabricate an apology "from" you and I accepted it
Fshsrose: therefore I have accepted your apology
Fshsrose: END!
skanker1213: but isnt your EXTREME FORCE just a fabrication of your mind?
skanker1213: and if your mind is not in the relms of my mind
Fshsrose: even if it is it is still EXTREME
skanker1213: then not only is it unfamable to me cuz it is so unextreme but i dont have to acknowledge it in anyway
Fshsrose: it doesn't matter if you even acknowledge the apology I have accepted it
skanker1213: oh ok then go to hell
Fshsrose: no dave, it doesn't matter if you even know my EXTREME FORCE is there, it's still EXTREME enough TO be really EXTREME for me, hey I capitalized my to
skanker1213: i have a question
Fshsrose: do you?
skanker1213: ok fine lets just assume for arguements sake it is extreme but what is your force anyway?
Fshsrose: it's EXTREME
Fshsrose: i have the ability to be EXTREME
skanker1213: established
Fshsrose: at any point
Fshsrose: in time
skanker1213: extreme to the max?
Fshsrose: MAX PAYNE!
skanker1213: well yes
Fshsrose: I am gonna put this conversation on my blog, it has the word EXTREME in it I like it
skanker1213: ok

Wasn't that enjoyable everyone?

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

a heartfelt sorry goes out to anyone who attempted to go to tim's site from my last post before now, the address was slightly incorrect. It is fixed now, to go to the site scroll down to the tastefully scribed "Tim's new groin grabbingly awesome site!!" and click there. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Hey Everyone!! Big freaking groin grabbingly huge news!! Tim has a new groin grabbingly awesome site!! You all check it out or die a long painful death!! Or just do it later or something, whatever is good for you. Tim's new groin grabbingly awesome site!! I bet you a site of gold against your soul he has a better site than you!! (Inference to the devil went down to georgia)

Monday, September 23, 2002

Hey, I am typing this only SECONDS after my last post, which in turn came like only an hour after the previous one, today is Cinco de posto, kinda like cinco de mayo but not really existent, which is the main difference. I am feeling a slight creativity coursing through my well oiled alien viens. that's rigth alien, hey I just remembered I used to rant about the government having me shot. Guess what? They did!! well not really but I had you going didn't i? If you replace "had me shot" with, "Has it's center in washington dc" then I suppose it is true. yeah now I am going.

Bew, snick, bew bew, snick, bew bew snickity bew, bew bew. That's My michelle by Guns and Roses, if you don't have it, get it now by any means possible!! I made a link so I can go directly to my edit blog page without any backsass so I am gonna be updating more regularly now. Pretty super crazy eh? Hey everyone, guess what happened to me the other day!!!
A. Nothing
B. Everything
C. Something, not quite everything, but still enough thing to not be nothing.

Answer: All of the above, at different times of course. First came the nothing that was boring. then came the everything, which isn't as interesting as it sounds. Then the something, and that something is as follows.

Nothing really happened I was getting your hopes up. I'd played Zelda and got a new mask, I am sure that interests you. Hey big gulps..... Welp, see ya later!

Ok here is my new theory everybody. I, me, john colón to some, basscaster john to others, have discovered how to time travel. See it is quite simple, you invent a time machine, and then set it to the time you want to go to! seriously I wish someone had thought of it earlier all you have to do is invent a time machine jeez. Is everybody stupid?!

"I am just afraid that I will die alone, what are you afraid of luis?"
Reply: "I'm afraid that every time I hit my head, it pushes my hair into my skull, and eventually it will hit my brain, and I will die...."

The End

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

hey I forgot to tell everybody in my last post, we new-phone-atized it up, as well as new-mouse-atizing, and I myself got my old 386 running, but for some reason it won't read off one of my disks so I can't load my Pascal interpreter program on there yet. Still trying to get the internet on my 486, but never fear, a couple more weeks and maybe a visit from my ol' chum Niles, and it'll be all set. And I get our old phone, for my room cause Lena stole mine. I'll stomp her face so much... Anyway see you all later, and ignore my sibling death threats.

Hey hey everybody, I just got back from the dentist. My lip is as numb as a ghost's nipple. I don't know if that is an expression, but if it isn't it should be, and if it is, I wish someone could tell me what it means. Score! that's the second time I have used that comment in like two weeks. Anyway, I have been thinking of all the terrorist stuff going on, and I have found myself wondering how humanity could've warped as much as it has. Seriously, how could somebody think that they were accomplishing something by killing innocent bystanders? I know that it was a center for our economy, and I know that it was a outpost of our government, but all it did was hurt us emotionally and piss us off royally. The way we dealt with it didn't really do much to solace either, I think we shoulda dropped like 100s of bombs until the perpatrator surrendered or where they were wasn't there anymore. I've found that I don't like humanity, at all. From here on out, I am gonna dedicate a large portion of my life to leaving it, humanity that is, and not death that's the obvious way. Unfortunately, I got no ideas, so I am gonna go play Zelda. I've been beating the temples really fast and neglectic to get the masks. Stupid stupid me. Oh yeah and I am home from school cause of the dentist fiasco, so I got like 7 hours left to sit around in, and I think me and tim are going to ben's Youth group tonight, the ntcs one I think. Whatever I'm out, I think tim is heading over soonm and I want burittos.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Hey y'all, it's basscaster john mixing it up in the h to the a to the double L, Way. There isn't anybody online right now, so I am bored through the tubes. If bored through the tubes isn't an expression, it should be, and if it is someone should tell me what it means. Hey my good luck kicked in again the other day, I discovered another tv set on he side of the road and it works (for those of you just tuning in I find stuff all the time, I kinda have good luck I guess). Also, I found two bucks the Other other day, in school. So I guess the universe is arighting itself cause that hasn't happened in a while. Moving on, I have nothing to do I finished my homework and as soon as I did, PLOINK, everybody was gone (ploink is now the noise made when everyone signs off at once). Oh yeah I finished a few comics too, in school today, I just gotta trace them onto unlined paper haha. I find the pretty funny, when I finish with the tracing I will put a few, like I think I have five now or so, onto the allmighty teaspoon for all you cool cats out there in cyberland. Well a few people just signed on, and one promptly signed off (lousy moocher) so I am a leaving. Quote for right now, "save me some macaroni and cheese." "NO!" haha, I said that earlier and found it funny, unfortunately the persons involved who got no macaroni and cheese found it quite undelicious. HA! HA!, well cya


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