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Sunday, June 30, 2002

I've found, although I may have already told everyone who is reading this already, that I don't dislike someone who does the whole rap thing if they're an accomplished musician. LIke Kid Rock, I don't like him, he annoys me. But he plays many instruments quite well, so I don't begrudge him moving out and trying new things. If what he wants to do with his talent is to rap, no prob. Then again, we get to the stupid ones. The ones who have entirely slaughtered what rap originally was, when it was an underground sensation. When guys would just hang around and do it to have they rap slowly without form. I mean, I'd be fine with it if they did that cool dancing thing where they twirled on their heads, but they don't even have that decency. They've taken something that could have been allright in my eyes, and turned it into crap. Not to offend anyone who likes it. Also, I don't have much against Eminem anymore, I have realized that he has real talent. Again, I still don't like it. But he is back to the roots, and it's funny, which is always a plus. Now I feel like an asshole because I'm critiquing people, so I'm gonna stop. But I stand by all I've said. The End....?

Wednesday, June 19, 2002


Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I am trying to change my template.

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Sunday, June 09, 2002

Ok, I am sending a favor call out, everyonewho possibly knows how to put a picture on a site, or knows someone who might, or anything like that. Email me at, or, Send the URL to this site to all your friends, even if they don't know who I am, even if you don't know who I am, and make them read this message, the truth must be told!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 08, 2002

Hey, my friend revealed something the other day: Horror and terror go together in so many ways, horrible-terrible, horrifying-terrifying, but then we get to Horrific-Terrific?! what's going on!!??!! I mean, the inventor of the english language really screwed up there, let me tell you, how in the seven cold hells, could terror be good when horror is bad?! I don't get it, I think the government might have me shot for exposing this, I've been running from them for a while for my wanton use of links_ LENA!! TIM! SOME MORE!! Dave!! and Kelly! and Lauren! and, uh... Deja Vu uh.. oh yeah The Onion! ahahahahaha-incredible!

My little sister bought a 5 piece Pearl Drum Set today, for 315 bucks. It has all hardware (allthough no cymbals), it's black, and it is very compact. It's awesome! I'm gonna practice a whole lot on it all the time, it's fantasterrific!!

I am in mourning right now. The founder and bassist of The Ramones, Dee Dee Ramone, has died. He passed last Thurs. 6/4/02 of a possible overdose. That day, my lifestyle and my choice of music lost a guru. I think it is very saddening that we lost Both Joey Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone in a span of a year and a half. I reccomend that you all, everyone download or listen to a cd of the ramones, because they are some of the greats. So in respect, find a copy of one or two of their cds or songs. ThankYou.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Hey, does anyone know how to add a picture to a website? Like I could make a link to a picture and then a window would pop up, showing the picture that I put on it. I want to put some of my comics on the site, and I can't figure out how. If you know, email "" thank you.

I've decided to be like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory and be named jerry. Also I would like to do many of the things he does, drive a taxi, have a conspiracy newsletter, battle the CIA that sort of thing. So I must uncover a conspiracy...... huh.... this is pretty hard. Maybe the government is trying to take over England! No, why would we want to take over england?! no...... maybe they are stealing all the drugs and stuff from drug dealers in Columbia... No, that was what they did on The Shield. Hm... I think that maybe we are secretly taking over Canada, because it's such a sissy. And when we take over it, we'll use all it's natural resources (it has a lot of wheat and I think it might have some good mining because of the glacier movement up there) to build up our armies. It will take other countries a while to muster up the courage to attack us because we are so strong, meanwhile we are doing our best to hire mercenaries, or trick our own citizens into thinking that this is a good cause (like in "How to create an enemy" by Antiflag). Then we will move south, take over mexico, and use all it's inhabitants, of which there is a very large amount, to go into out armies. We will pay them relatively well so that, although they hate us for overtaking their country, they will work out of necessity. Then we will move lower, take over columbia and all that, use all their natural resources to build up our armies, and add them to our roster. Then we will divide our armies, because we have so many, to protect the home front, and to move forth and to take over the world. We have enough nuclear weapons that merely threatening the world wiht it will get a large amount of surrender. Not to mention our Hydrogen bombs, and what ever else the government has that they aren't telling us about. On a side note, did you know that all the science the government comes out with has actually been obsolete for years? What we see is old news, they only show us if they come out with something better for themselves. We could make pretty easy work, with our huge armies and superior weaponry, of the remaining countries. Then we could use the resources at hand, to go entirely to space travel and medicine, leaving only mior funds for everything else, we could elongate the life span, and go out into space, and colonize other planets, we could make easier voyages with elongated life, although it may still take a few lifetimes to reach far away. Eventually we'd take over the Galaxy, and have something like the Empire, in Star Wars! It's so simple! I must stop them!! WARN THE PEOPLE!!!!


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