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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

we're knights of the round table, we dance whenever we're able, often times, we're given rhymes, that are quite unsingable, it's a gay old time at camelot, we ham and jam and spamalot!
*dances* that's right, you heard the song, it's levitation siesta day! everyone don your sombreros and float in the air, it's time to dance!! well, after that burst of incoherencies. I would like to give a shout out to juicebox, and all my lunchbag friends. I know where the iceberg lies! For my brain is like a jellyfish in the ocean of my head, I drank to much tequila, and woke up seeing red, hitching my thumb, then I drinka some rum, hitching my thumb, then I drinka some rum. man, the string cheese incident rules!!

Saturday, January 25, 2003

you will all now observe the best rhyme in the history of the world, in it's presence ALL rhymes are Dust! OBSERVE!! Mere onlookers of the rhyme, tremble!!!

Jiggity Jig

To market, to market
To buy a fat pig
Home again, Home again
Jiggity Jig!!
To market, To market
To buy a fat hog
Home again, Home again
Jiggity JOG!!

True dat. allright, welp see you all later!

Thursday, January 23, 2003

'allo 'allo, what's all this then? Why it's a lit-el bird with a knife then, isn't it? whyn't you go home to your mommy lit-el bird! *gets stabbed* gaw, uhh, oh what a thing to happen, gah *dies* welp that was fun. I have to sign off in a bit. and until then I am gonna try to put a comic up, try going to the allmighty teaspoon link on the top, and if there is a new comic on there, I won the epic battle. farewell to all, and to all...farewell.

Monday, January 20, 2003

hello hello everyone, how are you all today? I am great! feeling better than I have in like months actually. more content than I have in...months...actually. yeah, you get the idea. so in commemoration of this fantastically happy occasion, I figured I'd give the oooold website a little updateski. BUT I don't have much to write about. I've been drawing alot lately, finished a like, three page comic. it doesn't make any sense but it made me laugh. I've scanned and edited most of it, when I finish, up on a site it goes. okily dokily, I'm gonna hit the road everyone, take care!

Thursday, January 16, 2003

hey hey everyone, it's been a while since I have updated this piece of (snick) It may only have been a coupld days but I have been offline for like a week so it feels like a year. to know why I was offline you would have to study the intricate volumes of the human mind, merely denting the amount of proverbial puzzle needed to go through would take more than your lifetime. so i'm just gonna tell you, My room is a trashhole right? and my fascist parents were making me fascist-ly clean my fascist room or else the would opress my online timer, Right? so in order to rebel against my fascist marxist oppressive overlords, I just sat on the couch and procrastinated for a week. Fight the power!! yes..indeed. well I am a little sleepy, I was up kinda late last night and I awoke to the soothing sounds of slayer. then had to go to a history exam, which was real easy, but I still had to go. FLAMING WRECKAGE!! I just remembered, I....hang on......oh yeah!! ok I wanted to rant about something like a week ago!! oh man and I remember it now too. of course I don't have the frameset for my rant in my head anymore, but who cares!?! ok here goes, I was talking to my dad the other day, (month, whatever) and he said something like, "Some christians go so far against the occult as to not like, lord of the rings, or something to that nature." and I was like, hey that sucks, and (mind you, I play video games alot) he said, "Well the games you play aren't that bad in that respect, but when you used to play magic that wasn't good at all" magic is a ccg, and if you don't know what that is you aren't geek enough for this rant, leave! (it's collectable card game, when I was younger me and some chums liked it, but the oppresive fascists made us ditch it cause it had demons in it and used magic [hence the title]) and he said stuff about dungeons and dragons and how it isn't necassery to make things go against the church like that or something...I don't remember exactly. BUT at the time I was well pissed off, because my whole lifestyle revolves around fantasy gaming, books, movies, shows, etc. so like what, am I sacriligious? The world is freaking BORING, we need some escape from the rules and restrictions slapped on us here, I mean if you got to into it and started believing the stuff was real or something then yeah, even in a wordly view your kinda..dented. but this place freakin sucks! we need to be able to imagine, without that I'd be dead, no lie. without imaginative crazy crap like that I would be dead! and what's more, why would it be sacriligious to begin with? (I'm entering unknown territory, don't be upset) Prophets did supernatural things, are they sacriligious? Man's interpretation shouldn't define what is sacriligious or not, man's feeble ideas should not be a basis for faith, I don't know how the hell we are to avoid that. haha, how the hell, ironic know? hm...this requires more thought on my part. I just don't enjoy the restrictions in that light, in some cases, it seems like everyone should just think about it and determine to themselves what is sin or not, but then I can imagine some wacko raping a dog with a brick or something cause he thought god allowed it...welp I am out of ideas, suffice it to say that I think a dose of imagination will brighten your day. in other words...

*breaks out into song*

When the world is glum
and you're out a luck
you fell on your bum
and you think it suuuucks!
just smile and think
about it more
a broken chink
in the chain you boooore!
just pretend it's fuuuun!
cause, everyoooooone
knows that
reality blows, cat!
so perhaps a trippy colorful daydream will cheer you up!!
at the doctors you pee in a cup!!
so pretend it's fun!
Pretend it's fuuuun!
and you don't have to...not
the end

take care everybody!!

Saturday, January 11, 2003

yo yo everybody. I have huge astounding, frighteningly small new for you all. an old episode of the simpsons was on yesterday, and it was hilarious. for those of you who know the simpsons well, it was the wacking day episode, for those of you who don't, it was the burn in hell you non-simpsons viewing heathen episode. I gotta admit, there was a secret message in the title of the second episode. but you'll never be able to decode it, it's too intricate. My LAWD I am sleepy. last night after dave had to go home (by the way, dave came over yesterday) I decided, "That's it john, your gonna party like it's 2999!!" (because 1999 already passed, "this just in, losers didn't get awesome joke") and I stayed up till like 1 am playing video games with my mom haha. that's right, I'm a party animal. so allow me to quote the simpsons from last night...

Tractor: Come on bart, riiiide me!
Bart: I don't know, I shouldn't.
Tractor: Bwak, bwak bwak bwak BWAK!!
Chicken: He's insulting both of us!

haha, yes quite tremendous, and on that note, I right for you a play (for the second time, my comp has kicked me off the net twice so far, you are SO lucky I decided to finish this post, or unlucky, you decide)

Narrator: In the beginning, god created, the heavens and the, DANCE!!!
(Dancing actors come out on stage, singing..)
Altogether: When you feel that crazy dancing, IN YOU! You just put on your, DANCE SHOES!
Jims: I done dance-ded my heart out for nothin'
Mike: Screw you pal, I'm not going down for you, or anybody!!
Altogether: Cause we know that the day of dance will come, and when it comes, we won't be done, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!

An Oliver Stone production

That's my play everyone, we are going on tour with it next year, the tickets are 8 billion dollars each. all we need is ONE count them, one, eccentric billionare to buy a ticket, and we make a 7,999,999,999 dollar profit!! Hey, you know what, I have been drinking this chocolate milk this whole time, right? and my landlord is sanding down the walls in the other room so everything is covered with dust in the house, right? So, this chocolate milk tastes funny, and I have come to the conclusion, that I am drinking chocolate PLASTER milk....It's still good though. on that note, farewell everyone. I had a subject worthy of rant, but I'm gonna save it for later, maybe tomorrow. it's cool though, betcha can't wait!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

"And the goddess Din, with her strong flaming arms, cut and sculpted the earth..." AND linked to taylor's site!
Taylor's Totally Bitchrod SITE! enjoy! It is possibly the most fantastic site in the history of the world, so go there or eat hot flames and die, mortal. Speaking of linking to bitchrod sites, I'm gonna put some links in the template of this one. I have started on a big new awesomer site composed from my own html on geocities, but I am not dizzity done yet, I'll link it when I finish, until then, these link's must sustain you. Farewell!!

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

I just wrote a like, three paragraph thing, then accidentally erased it. I'm not doing it over, In fact I'm angry about it so this is all you get. have a pissa night

this is exactly ONE MINUTE after my last post! MWA HAHAHAHAHA. welp cya later. have a pissa night everybody

hey hey, I got bored and decided to post more of one of my favorite bands in all of humanity, jethro tull's, lyrics. enjoy, this song, called locomotive breath

Locomotive Breath

"In the shuffling madness
of the locomotive breath,
runs the all-time loser,
headlong to his death.
He feels the piston scraping
steam breaking on his brow
old Charlie stole the handle and
the train won't stop going
no way to slow down.
He sees his children jumping off
at the stations - one by one.
His woman and his best friend
in bed and having fun.
He's crawling down the corridor
on his hands and knees
old Charlie stole the handle and
the train won't stop going
no way to slow down.

He hears the silence howling
catches angels as they fall.
And the all-time winner
has got him by the balls.
He picks up Gideons Bible
open at page one
old Charlie stole the handle and
the train won't stop going
no way to slow down."

that song is "pissa" pissa is a word I recently found out that us in the proximity of boston are supposed to use. I'm behind the times, so to catch up, I'm saying "pissa" a whole lot. have a "pissa" day, every"pissa"body


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