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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Hey everyone, GOOD NEWS!! My creative flow is going awesome today!! I have honed a character down to my exact desired proportions, his name? Lenny the skeleton. Pretty awesome, his a zoot suit wearing, swing dancing, ciggarette smoking, alchoholic skeleton. He's the coolest! straight up coolest. I can't remember if he was plagarizm or not (excuse my spelling of that, I know not what I do). Oh well, if he was, who cares!! anywho, I want a digital camera, I have found. I need one cause I am drawing alot and I have perfected all my characters now I think, so I wanna make a little animated thing, and have drawn alot of screens for it, but can't load them on the comp, cause my scanner is too slow, so if I had a camera I could just position them right and take picture of them, and edit them the best I could. anywho, I am currently experimenting with new ways to draw stuff, lots of fun. I have decided that when I attain adulthood, I would like to be a cartoonist, or make video games. Both of which I love. Yeah....well I don't have much to say, so it's time for that lovable part where I rant and rave about things I can't EVER change. I have had quite should I say, stun, as of late. I'd tell you about it but I have been forbade. Essentially my family has entered rough times again, I thought we were done with that, but as soon as I assumed, BAM! we are hit with more bullshit. I'm telling you man, there is only so much strife a family can take. For those of you who know what I am talking about, (not many) then uh... I think I may have your sympathy here, I just don't feel like announcing the whole ordeal out to everyone ever, even though not many read this. Just keep me and my family in your prayers, please, if you pray. Moving on, I hope everyone had a hapy thanksgiving, I know did, to a certain extent. I got to see my uncle john (My partial namesake) and that's always rare, I'd tell you the whole story with him, but that is more family strife dammit. the only bad thing about this thanksgiving, is since we had it at the church, I had to load and unload tons of crap in and out of peoples cars for hours. that was fun. well, now that I am thoroughly depressed, i am gonna go do more sketches. I'll see you all later, take care everyone.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Hey hey all, it's thanksgiving, as I am sure you all know, and in commemoration I am updating my site. I would like to say, (and I don't want hate mail, DON'T want hate mail, I can't stress that enough) that thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's better than ALL other holidays, bar none. well, my mom is saying I have to go put thanksgiving stuff in the car cause we are having dinner at the church, being as we have like 30 people there every year, and I'd rather have it at my cousins house like usual, but we can't, so farewell!

Saturday, November 23, 2002

hello everyone, after much incessant request I have decided that I want to update this site, pretty crazy eh? But I don't have much to talk about, so I am just going to (once again) type till I get angry. And if you don't like it you can pull an Abe lincoln style and go cut down a tree or something. Or george washington I don't really remember, the point is, you can't stop me. Moving on, My creative flow is going like crazy today, I finished two comics, then watched looney tunes, then did just sketches, then watched more looney tunes, then more looney tunes. and now I am online, this sounds like a boring day, but it's actually more exciting than usual, because I did the sketching haha. I WOULD be at tim's right now but he refused to ask his parents to shorten his grounding, he said he'd try it today, he damn well better or I will eat his brains, seriously, I will rip open the top of his skull, and scoop it containents out with a wooden spoon. And then devour them.....Now that I have whetted all your appetites for more meals to come, I would like to tell you the saga of a chum of mine, Christian Snow is the name (he is the whitest guy ever, even in name) and the tale goes a little something like this...
(to the tune of the beverly hillbillies, cause he is white)

Let me tell you a story, Bout' a guy who's really white
we was sitting in health class ,and he got into a fight
not really a big fight ,it was more of an argument
but it was really funny, as least that's my sentiment

(thoughts that is)

He was sitting in his chair, with a guy in front of him
the guy moved away to let a girl sit in
his chair is where it was ,and don't you be terrified
this tale will get funnier, you'll laugh until you die

(proverbiabally that is)

So christian goes "allright! a girl is movin' here"
because he likes the womens, in case you didn't hear
but this particular girl was one he didn't like
and his comment at this fault was funny enough to crap a trike

(tricycle that is)

what he said to her then, to be brief and to the point
was pretty funny and it made me rather voint
now I know voint isn't a word, but you can all burn in hell
cause the comment that he said was really kinda swell

(so I made up my own word, that is)

what he ACTUALLY said was a word that began with "Shiii.."
but he didn't finish cause he didn't want her to kiii..
CK him in the nuts, he was a might scared
so he pretended it was a song, so he genitals were not teared

(torn, that is)

So then he begins to sing, a song that went like this
"Shiiiiit shit shit" and it made me have to piss
piss with laughter is what I mean, cause it gotten funnier
he tried over and over, but madder it made her

(cause we were laughing, that is)

So he fake sang for a whole period, he sang and he done sang
and right before she got real pissed, the bell done went and rang
so he bolted out of class, leavin me petrified
cause like I said before, I laughed until I died

(that's the end, ya hear?)

So you all come back, for another heapin' helpin
of songs that are stories, and possibly some yelpin'
yelpin with laughter, it'll be me
and you will laugh, you'll see

Some come on back later for some more calamityyyy!

(diddly ee dee doo doo, diddly ee do do)

the end, that is.

Thank you everybody!! I made that up as I went, pretty nice eh? It's a true story too, man am I great, well I'll see you all later, check back for more updates, this has been fun.

Quote: "You think my hairs long? You should see my pubes!"


Sunday, November 17, 2002

hey hey all, This is my first post in a long time, cause I have been kicked offline for a long time. Hence "the long time" in both sentences. Moving on, I am so very bored right now. To put it in rhyme form: "Good lord I am very bored, clear out of my gourd."...that will do it. To answer all your questions, and I know they are both large and numerous, Yes, me and dave and joe did get in a minor accident the other night in providence. BUT none of us were hurt at all, and I think joe's car may even pull through (although he'll be spending alot on insurance in the future). we even found it funny afterward, we were singing a particular song, I believe it goes "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes, I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clooothes off." except we were trying to sing it without closing our mouths, which isn't too hard. it was rather amusing, we were looking for a car in that we were trying to follow for some reason. We saw it, after a good 2 minutes of sitting still in a little street, and then nosed out after it dave said, "Aren't we lucky!!" then joe looked at it with his foot of the brake, and whilst looking at it he hit the side of a uhaul. hahaha, the car's hood like exploded with debris, we found a headlight twenty feet down the road haha. but the uhaul was barely dented, so it wasn't too bad. then we all drove home....the end. Tim got grounded for a week, but I didn't get in trouble, I just can't drive with joe anymore, and dave was supposed to get in the most trouble, but he finagled his way out. good job dave!! and joe lost his car haha, so that was it's own punishment. the reason they got in trouble was that they were forbade to drive with joe cause of the "under 16 law" which states that all those under 16 cannot drive with a minor until they have had their license for 6 months. LUCKILY we were in rhode island!! They don't have that law there, so no ticket for joe! anyway, I'm sure this put all your hearts at rest. I am gonna let my sister have the computer now, she has been very patient *rolls eyes* I'll ttyl all later, oh yeah!! I am getting knee braces tomorrow I think! this sounds like it'd be bad news but it will decrease alot of my pain, I could barely bend my left knee today it was terrible. well see you later!

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Hey hey all, I am on elena's SN right now, being as mine is on a temporary hiatus. for my mumsie decided that I need a job too much to waste my time online, instead I am supposed to go do job applications, the only problem is that at the same time as this occurence, I got final fantasy 7 from my friend taylor and have been devoting a large portion of my time to playing that. nonetheless I persevered and am now on lena's name, which brings me to my next point, for those of you who didn't get my email and are NOW online on thursday 11/14 before 9:30 and are reading this RIGHT NOW, ..... right now=before 9:30. for those in that splendid catagory, please IM the SN "fshsrose" or email "" preferably, try both. for elena's BL is malfunctioning and possibly killing us all. thank you, good day.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

hey hey all, um........I am bored. I was doing sketches earlier but then I remembered I suck. I hate it when I forget. So I stopped doing that, I got some html made sites going. I built them myself, and am currently trying to get my html skills to work with blogger but it doesn't seem to like me. oh well, I will do my best. If I can get it going I'll make a link to my sites on the top, but this template doesn't have a spot to put links and I still don't know alot of html so it will be hard, maybe I'll do it, Who knows? again I am pretty bored, I got a day off of school which means essentially, I have time to do homework, and I have time to be forced into helping out in the house, and I WOULD have time to play zelda but I lent it to my friend ryan in a moment of folly. so now I got nothing unless I can get metal gear working and that almost never happens and it's rated M anyway and my mom is home so i can't play it on the big tv and mine doesn't have av outlets and the day just sucks in general. you know what I wish?! I wish that I could get my forged in the bowels of hell computer to work so I could play black and white on it that's what I wish!! I spent two freaking hours on it today, and event tried to rebuild another one in my desparation!! And with both I got a big pantload of nothing! I need a freaking job so I can buy another console or computer, preferably both. but all this schmegma keeps on making me not get hired. it sucks really, I turned in three job applications yesterday though, so maybe one will pull through. ok everyone, I am gonna get going, let me just leave you all with this, "Everybody knooows you can't hol' no groove if you aint got no pockets." peace out


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