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Friday, December 06, 2002

hey everyone, I am home from school right now for the second day in a row. I got real sick on...wednesday night? and got to stay home yesterday and I ws still feeling bad today so I got to stay home today too. Of course, the reason I was still feeling bad today was cause I had no coffee yesterday and I feel almost 100% now that I have. Oh well, nobody is here right now besides me and my landlord who is renovating our apartment to a certain extent. Which means, at about 10 I am gonna call tim's house, and see if he can come over. Either that, or I am gonna fall asleep on my couch playing Vagrant Story, which is a new game Joe lent me, essentially, it's an rpg but with slight real time fighting technique, in laymen's terms, it's bitchrod. it's got good graphics too, but I died a little bit ago fighting this evil undead skeleton armor ghost thing, so I gave up on it for a while.I want to sketch a bit, but I haven't started yet, I'm feeling rather inspired, but...I'm also feeling lazy. yeah, I got these cool paints though, I might try to paint something, I'll fill you in *bada chish* on that later. See I would use the paints to fill in the drawings...therein lies the joke...yeah. well anywho, my mom and my dad are at the hospital right now, my mom is getting tested for her upcoming surgery, and my dad is with her. My mom has a very mild form of cancer, it's really small though, so no big worries. she is getting surgery next tuesday I think and that will clear it all up, all though she'll be recuperating for about a month. It occured to me just now that we have always had someone sick or injured on christmas, me with a broken arm, my dad with lymphoma last year, lena with pnuemonia once, my mom with this..etc. So, in honor of this, our 15th injured christmas, I am going to dance...*is dancing* with that said, *finishes dancing*, (and by the way I wish you all happy holidays) I am going to describe my illness to you, here goes: I was feeling rather sick on wednesday night, enough that going anywhere would rather be a fright, I took a drink of chocolate milk, out of my dunkin's cup, and then at about 10:30, I went and done threw up! so I came out of my room, and washed my gooky face, and then fell asleep on the couch, for my room wasn't a good place- to sleep that is, cause of the puke, and when I woke up the next morning, I had a headache and felt microwaved, that's the end of the story.
Boy I love rhymes, rhymes that rhyme with limes. good thing it's not a crime! *bada chish* ahem..yes, well anyway, nobody is online right now on account of it being a school day, but that's ok, we can still party!! *parties* yeah well now I am done partying. parteing, partyng, parting, partying, I think that ones is right, partying...whatever. Did you ever notice how like the simplest words are confusing, like "work" that doesn't sound like a word to me, "work" just say it a few times and it sound fake, or "pants" "pants" "paaaants" I think these words reflect our languages anglo-saxxon heritage. Originally English was spoken by German tribes, (the anglo saxxons) and they had no set rules for the grammer you see, so although all was english (anglo-ish, anglish, english, see it makes sense) the dialect differed so much from tribe to tribe cause of the lack of grammer rules that it was almost seperate languages for each tribe. the "grammatical rules" for english, were actually created centuries after the language was originated, just to make long-range communication easier, so when your teacher says, "That's not grammatically correct." you can just say, "Hey!! My tribe just says it different, asshole!" and they won't be able to refute it once you explain, if your really want to mix things up you can say the prior comment in a wierd dialect that the can't understand, as long as you keep it the same everytime you say it, it works. wasn't that enlightening? Also, if you put ice cream in jello mix as opposed to water, you can make yourself a delicious after dinner treat! Anywho, I wish people would come on right now, but they are all at school. *cough* FASCISTS!! *cough* I just remembered my sister has a webcam thing, so if I take pictures of my drawing with that, and get the resolution right, and put the word bubbles in from the comp, (cause my handwriting is terrible) then I can get some comics finished and posted on geocities. OH HAPPY DAY!! of course I won't try doing this for like a thousand years because I am a lazy son of a monkeys uncle, and when I do do it I won't get it to work right so I will become infuriated and be forced to destroy something in my rage. and such rage it will be! *narrows eyes* I need a job everyone, if anyone can get me a job, please do so, even if just for a few weeks, I need money for christmas presents. haha, yeah it's true. also I need art supplies, and a ps2, and a new comp. but I would need a long term job for those. that's all I really need. when I attain adulthood, if I own a ps2 (actually ps3 or 4 by that time hopefully) a good comp for the time, and enough art supplies to do what I want with it, I will be happy. well I am gonna go now, to call tim, or play vagrant story, or Eat hot lead perpetrator!! that was a threat, like I was a shoot's people rogue cop, and you were a perpetrator and I was shooting at you. ok well farewell everyone

quote: "Can I have some money?"
"here's 13 cents, don't spend it all in one place."

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