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Saturday, December 14, 2002

hey hey everyone, It's friendly neighborhood me, and I have a secret to reveal. I am in actuality batman. I know this comes as a shock, it is more so to me than to anyone else. nonetheless, the truth must be told. Now then, riddle me this *bada chish* if you have a bushel of cranberries, and a sheckel of something measured in sheckels, and youput them together, do you get a shushel? that would be funny if shushel was a thing, but it's not. It just reminds me of being in church and having people shush me. yep...oh so I drew a dragon I liked today! I'm gonna make a comic with it right away, I think any comic with dragons in it is bound to be awesome. I have no idea what the story line will be though. essentially I took my inspiration for this dragon from a snake on daves guitar. it's the coolest snake ever, I was trying to draw that, but I couldn't so I did the best one I could, then I gave up and tried to draw a dragon, then I put them together, and loved it. it's positively spiffariffacle. anywho, my mom is home, the reports show there is nothing left bad, she had her surgery and it fixed everything in and in 6 weeks she'll be better than new. I can't wait. I was so happy when she came home, I never realized how little kid like I am, but I missed my mumsie dammit! that and the fact that when she left the house just went "POOF!" and everything just fell into dissarray in like ten seconds. and when she came back the first thing she did was make me clean the living room haha. which wasn't hard, and I said, "It's great to have you back mom." and rolled my eyes cause she made me clean, and she laughed and it made her stitches hurt so I felt bad. and from then on I had to avoid making jokes. good story eh? so I went to daves little shindig last night, that was bundles of fun. I'm going to dictate that night...NOW!

Go to pick up taylor after much debate about directions with jackie
go to daves house
introduce taylor
rob comes to daves
we all play hacky sack
we are attacked by vagabonds, but then a rougue sherrif from a county ruled by crime, his only hope; the gun on his hip, saves us
lauren shot me
after four years of recuperating from my terrible wounds I found myself chained to the floor
my leg became emaciated, so joe ate cat sick to let me out
the cat sick being eaten cause mighty zeus to take pity on my plight and save me
....then we all danced
I discovered the real meaning of, "Don't eat that!"
rob fell in a well
kelly fell in a well
they weren't feeling very....WELL!! hahahahahaha
too bad they didn't actually fall in a well that woulda been funny
no it wouldn't
don't make me kill you
listen everyone, we are just words that some geeky jackass is typing right now because all his friends are out with their "social lives"
fine, we'll just walk in the MUD!!
utilizing daves notorious love of eskimos, we pull rob and kelly out of the respective wells
lauren pulled a chainsaw on us, so we bite her leg off
turns out it was a fake chainsaw, so the leg was regurgitated and attached back on as best as possible
everyone left
dave and joe and me stayed
they got the beds, so I slept on the floor
all in all, it was a good night, then we ate cake

DRAMATIZATION: May not have happened

See, now if you couldn't go for some reason, you have the downlow on the uphigh. you see, I don't have a very good memory, so this narration may not have been up to par with oh say....NARRATION HOOPDANGERS MAGAZINE!!!!! Not that I like to hold a grudge, but curse narration hoopdangers magazine!! CURSE IT!!!!!!! it killed my soul and stomped it in to tiny itty bitty, teeny weeny, EXTREMELY LARGE, pieces. ok well, I am out I guess, you guys all rock the house, good night!

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